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Vancouver's top trending dog breeds for 2021 revealed and it's not what you're expecting

Plus Canada's top 20 breeds of 2021 which includes a few surprise new entries.

Vancouver's top 5 trending dog breeds of 2021 have been revealed, and the top spot may surprise you. While you might be expecting to see the French Bulldog, Corgi, Dachshund or Golden Retriever appear in this list, according to data from, there are 5 breeds that are trending much more in the city so far this year. Using data from June 2021, as well as a survey of 500 Canadian dog parents, Rover, The Dog People revealed Canada's top 20 most popular dog breeds, as well as the top 5 trending dog breeds in 6 of the largest cities - and Vancouver's top spot goes to the American Pit Bull Terrier. Naturally gentle, loyal and patient with their family members, American Pit Bull Terriers can make great family pets and fun-loving companions who respond well to training. According to the report, Canada's most popular dog breed of 2021 is Mixed Breed for the second consecutive year, and while Mixed Breed was Vancouver's most popular breed in 2020, this year's trending list only features one mix - the Ladradoodle.

Pomeranians followed the American Pit Bull Terrier as Vancouver's top trending breed, with Labradoodles taking the number 3 spot, and Border Collies and Havaneses rounding off the top 5. Havenese topped the list in Edmonton, wile Montreal's top trending dog breed was also the American Pit Bull Terrier. In Toronto, the number 1 spot was taken by the Cockapoo and the English Bulldog reigns supreme in Calgary.

Vancouver's 5 Top Trending Dog Breeds of 2021

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

2. Pomeranian

3. Labradoodle

4. Border Collie

5. Havanese

Big Changes to Canada's Top 20 Breeds in 2021

According to a recent Rover survey, almost half (43%) of Canadian dog owners said they welcomed a new dog into their family during the COVID-19 pandemic, which explains the many changes seen in the most popular dog breeds in 2021.

The Goldendoodle has seen a huge increase in popularity, jumping 9 places since last year, and the Australian Shepherd also had a surge in popularity across the country, as it didn't feature in the top 20 last year, but takes the 10th spot on the list in 2021.

The Beagle also entered the top 20 this year, pushing the Bichon Frise and Boston Terrier out of the top 20, with the Poodle just hanging on to its place in the list at number 20, 11 places lower than last year.

1. Mixed Breed

2. Labrador Retriever

3. Golden Retriever

4. Goldendoodle

5. German Shepherd

6. French Bulldog

7. Labradoodle

8. Chihuahua 9. Siberian Husky

10. Australian Shepherd

11. Shih Tzu

12. Cockapoo

13. Border Collie

14. Yorkshire Terrier

15. Dachshund

16. Beagle

17. Pomeranian

18. Boxer

19. Pug

20. Poodle


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