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Most popular dog breed in every country revealed. Can you guess Canada's?

The world's most popular, and most searched-for dog breeds are also revealed, and you may be surprised by the results...

The love of dogs is universal but when it comes to favourite breeds, not all countries agree. However, according to recent research conducted by HouseholdQuotes, 34 of them do. The U.K-based company used Google search data to find the most sought-after breed in every country in the world, and the top dog in 34 countries was the Rottweiler, with the highest number of appearances for any breed.

Although only topping the list in 4 countries, the Australian Shepherd took the title of the most-searched breed in the world, with 913,000 hits across a month.

The Australian Shepherd was the most popular breed in the United States, as well as France, Germany and Austria. But when it comes to Canada, unsurprisingly, one breed reigns supreme.

Golden Retriever is Canada's most popular breed

You've probably guessed it! The Golden Retriever yet again takes the top spot as Canada's most popular dog breed. Kind, happy, loyal, affectionate and active, this breed thrives in most households, and loves a good outdoor adventure, making them a great choice for Canadian dog owners, and an unsurprising winner of North America's top spot. The 'ultimate family dog' is the second most-searched breed globally according to the study, beaten only by the Rottweiler and German Shepherd.

The top spot in the UK goes to the cockapoo, while the Border Collie is Australia and Ireland's most popular breed. All the results can be found below in a very cute dog-themed map courtesy of HouseholdQuotes. Interested in finding out more of the world's preferences when it comes to our furry friends? Check out the full results on the HouseholdQuotes website, where you'll also find details on the research used to create this picture-perfect map.


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