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Does it cost money to use the GoDoggo app?

The GoDoggo app is FREE to use forever. You can use most of the app's features absolutely free.


However, we have an optional paid subscription option called GoDoggo Club, where you can gain extra features and perks as well as support our efforts in creating a more dog friendly world.

How do I use the app?

Check our our ‘How it Works’ Page here. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

I've experienced a bug. How can I report it?

Please visit our contact page and fill out the Submit a bug" form.

How do I add a new location to the app?

Tap the            button on the lower left side of the map screen. The app will prompt you to enter in the information about the location you'd like to add to the app. Please fill out all of the fields and tap "Submit For Review." Our team will review your request and if it is approved, your location will be added to the app!

Note: If you are having trouble picking the exact address number on the location selector, not to worry! Our team will check and verify that the address is correct before posting it. Just be sure the street name and location name is correct so we can find it with a Google search.


We appreciate your contributions in helping us reach our goal of adding 40,000 new dog-friendly locations to the app by the end of 2023.

When are Points coming back and what will I be able to do with them?

With the transition to our new app, there will be some changes to the Points program. Our team is currently working hard to create new ways for our members to earn, save, and spend Points. Please note, your old Points will still be valid and transfer over to the new Points system. We will keep dog owners updated on any developments here and on our Instagram.

What is included in the GoDoggo Club Premium Membership?

Visit this page to learn about all of the benefits included with an upgraded GoDoggo Club Premium Membership.

What is the benefit of signing up for GoDoggo Club Premium Membership now vs. later?

The Premium Membership rate will eventually be increased to $50/year. This membership will include more special offers, which are currently being housed in our private Facebook Group, along with other perks for Premium Members only. Locking in your rate today means you’re receiving the membership for $29.99. Available for a limited time only.

What is the Companion Program?

The Companion Program is available to dog owners and businesses that want to help us spread the word about creating a more dog-friendly future. Celebrating and supporting locations that are dog friendly is the first step in encouraging more locations to become dog friendly. Learn more about the Companion Program here

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