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9 adorable Vancouver Pug accounts you should start following immediately

Celebrate National Pug Day by adding these Vancouver cuties to your Following list.

When it comes to dog breeds, there are few more universally adored than the pug, and as October 15 marks National Pug Day we thought it was the perfect time to highlight some of our favourite local pugs accounts. Playful, mischievous and very loving, pugs are so much more than just a pretty (and wrinkly!) face - although those adorably wrinkled brows and huge, sparkling eyes definitely add to their charm. While the pug's exact origin is still a mystery, many believe they were originally bred to be lap dogs for Chinese emperors more then 2000 years ago, and these low-maintenance pups have remained a popular choice for the rich and famous throughout history. Today, their small size, infrequent barking and shedding, and affection towards strangers are just some of the long list of qualities that make pugs so popular with Vancouver dog owners.

Of course, we may be a little biased, but we think Vancouver has some of the cutest pug Instagram accounts we've seen, so if you love this adorable breed then here are 9 local pug accounts you should add to your Following list today.

Why you should be following them: His bio may say 'Lover of naps and treats' but this adorable Vancouver pup's feed shows that he also loves a good adventure. As well as chilling at home in amazing outfits (you need to check these out!), 2-year-old Bubby can often be seen exploring local hikes and trails, and looking good doing it, obvs!

Why you should be following them: Adela only arrived in Canada in July this year after being rescued from Mexico, but she's already capturing the hearts of her growing number of followers as her Instagram documents her happy new life in New Westminster - and it's adorable!

Why you should be following them: There's a reason this account already has almost 50k followers as it's not only ridiculously cute, but actually hilarious. 12-year-old Vancouver pug Donut stars in memes, videos, his own NFT trading cards and even a baking series with the BC SPCA - and it's A+ content!

Why you should be following them: Described in his bio as 'Stubborn Walker. Hater of Rain. King of the Couch and Protector of Chews,' this playful 1-year-old pug has an awesome Instagram feed that is guaranteed to make you smile. Hammy is also a very sociable pup meaning lots of puppy friends often make an appearance on his page!

Why you should be following them: This adorable Vancouver pup is impossibly photogenic and his expressive little face is sure to brighten up your feed. This is a pug that is living their absolute best life, and there's plenty of hilarious videos to prove it!

Why you should be following them: Firstly, the captions alone are worth a follow as they are hilarious. You know a pup is pretty special when their owner gets a tattoo of them on their arm, and this cutie will be celebrating his 6th birthday next month - and if past birthday posts are anything to go by, you aren't going to want to miss this one!

Why you should be following them: This 5-year-old pup loves exploring his city, which makes for some truly impressive content. Whether he's tearing up the town with some amazing outfits, or just snuggly at home on the couch, Raison looks picture perfect doing it and is well worth a follow!

Why you should be following them: This is one fashionable pup. Always dressed well and possibly one of the happiest looking pugs we've ever seen, Turtle's feed is as aesthetically pleasing as it is entertaining, with lots of hiking and adventure inspo for smaller pups!

Why you should be following them: Stylish, squishy and sophisticated, Elliot's bio states he's a model and we can see why as his little face is impossibly cute, and his fashion choices are second to none. Follow to see the adventures of a fashionista pup living in the big city!


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