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Heartwarming video shows daring rescue of North Vancouver pup saved from crawl space by firefighters

Little Dutchie is now recovering at home after her ordeal, with a new stuffed toy to keep her company.

Dutchie pictured after her daring rescue | Photo: Twitter/@cdanielle18

A North Vancouver pup is recovering at home with her owner after becoming trapped in a building’s small space.

Dutchie was pulled to safety by fire crews from the North Vancouver City Fire Department on October 7 after falling into the space near the Shipyards building.

Footage of the daring rescue shows two firefighters led down - one at the entrance to the crawl space and another inside with a rope to lure the scared pup out.

The crew can be seen smiling as the little dog is then freed and reunited with her relieved owner, Caroline.

Dutchie herself looks just as relieved to be out in the fresh air and was pictured safely in the arms of her owner after the daring mission.

Writing on Twitter, Dutchie’s owner Caroline thanked the fire department for retrieving the lost pup: “She’s recovering at home with a new stuffy. Bless you guys for your prompt response and saving little Dutchie.”

Dutchie with her new stuffed toy | Photo: Twitter/@cdanielle18

Fire Chief Greg Schalk also replied to the rescue video, adding he was a #ProudChief: “This was an amazing rescue. The footage only shows a fraction of how challenging this operation was. Every Call Matters. Great work.”


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