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9 amazing dog costume ideas for Halloween 2021

From ghoulish and ghostly to just plain adorable, we’ve put together a collection of canine costumes that will win Halloween 2021.

It’s already mid-October - which means it’s time to get serious about choosing your pet’s Halloween costume.

You don't have long before the big day, so now's the time to get shopping for that perfect scary ensemble.

Here at OhMyDog!, we’ve pulled together our favourite outfits to help inspire you and your pup for your next trick-or-treating session, spooky party or a quick Instagram pic!

1. A ghost

You can’t get any spookier than a ghost at Halloween. Even better, this costume takes just seconds to whip up. Simply grab a white sheet, measure where your pup’s face matches up and cut out some holes for them to see and breathe - and ta-da! You now have your very own four-legged ghoul.

2. A spider

Who needs 4 legs when you can have 8? Any pup dressed as a spider this Halloween is sure to get lots of attention with this creative costume. Doggy spider suits are available to buy online, or if you fancy getting creative, you can make a DIY creation with some pipe cleaners.

3. Sushi

Let’s face it - dogs look their best when they’re dressed as food. Especially dachshunds dressed as hotdogs. But why not go full Vancouver-style and dress your pup as a piece of nigiri sushi? Grab a piece of California pup roll at Walmart.

4. A unicorn

If spooky costumes just aren’t for you on Halloween, look no further. Dress your pup in the most adorable outfit ever in this season with this preppy unicorn outfit from Walmart. If you’re partial to a little bit of spookiness, but still want your pet to look cute than terrifying, then PetSmart has the perfect blend for you in this skele-unicorn combo for your furry best friend.

5. A diva

If you’ve got a pooch that has been blessed with great hair, then turn on some ABBA, style them up in a 70s diva jazzy ensemble and boogie the night away.

6. A clown

If you don’t scare easily, then slip this on your pup come Halloween and watch your friends and family howl in terror at this creepy clown costume from Walmart.

7. Superdog

We all know pups are the true heroes of the world, so why not dress your dog up in their rightful uniforms to save the day this Halloween? This one from PetSmart is a great easy buy at a great price.

8. Demogorgon

For TV fans who can't resist dressing their pup up as their favourite (or not-so-favourite) on-screen characters, this outfit is sure to terrify your neighbours when your pup is out trick or treating.

9. Squid Game contestant

Photo: Puppery on Etsy

If you and your pup are as obsessed with Squid Game - as most of us are at the moment - then this understated ensemble from Etsy will make sure your pet looks the part as a contestant in the Netflix show. Grab your pup - or kitten - an outfit here.

And if you still need some more inspo, check out some of the best Vancouver dog Halloween costumes from last year!


Some important Do's and Don'ts for dressing up your pet

It's important that your pet isn't uncomfortable or anxious in their Halloween get-ups, so we've included this handy Do's and Don'ts guide from Hastings Veterinary Hospital in Burnaby so everyone can have an enjoyable spooky season.

DO: Ensure the costume is easy to wear and unrestrictive

No costume should restrict your pet's senses - whether that's sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch and they should have a full range of motion. Never dress your pet in anything that will restrict them - especially anything that could restrict their breathing.

DO: Give the costume a trial run

Give your pup's costume a trial run before the big day to see how they react. If they love it, great - do another one or two to really make sure they're happy. If they seem stressed or are acting differently, take it off.

DO: Choose a simpler accessory if your pet doesn’t like their costume

If your pooch isn't keen on their costume, try not to take it personally. Remember animals aren't used to wearing clothing so if they aren't a fan of their costume, opt for something simpler like a bandana.

DON’T: Go nuts with the costume

Your pup wants to have as much fun as you - so make sure that your chosen costume isn't too bulky or complex.

DON’T: Force a costume on a pet that doesn’t want it

Even if you pup seemed to enjoy their outfit before, don't force it on them if when you go to dress them up again they don't want to wear it. The more you try to force it, the more scared, anxious and potentially aggressive your pet could get.

DON’T: Ignore what your pet is trying to tell you

Behaviour, any noises they might make, and especially body language can all be excellent clues to understanding what’s going on with your pet. Pay attention to and respect your pet.


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