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Vancouver pup reunited with family after hitching ‘joyride’ on UPS truck

A UPS driver found an unexpected package in the form of adorable pup Bella who is home safe after 'joyride' in Vancouver delivery van.

A UPS driver got quite the surprise when he found an unexpected package in the back of his van while making deliveries in South Vancouver last week - an adorable pup!

With the help of a kind-hearted Vancouver police officer, who took to Twitter with a photo of tiny Maltese after the driver waved him down and handed over the pup, Bella was identified and safely returned to her family.

In his tweet, VPD Sgt Mark Christensen wrote that a "beautiful little dog was turned over to me..." after being found in South Vancouver, and asked his followers to contact the police if they knew the owner.

Luckily, responses from several Twitter users helped the police identify Bella's owners, and return the pup to her worried family.

Bella's owner, Mark Havlasek, later responded to the tweet himself, expressing his and his family's gratitude for helping their beloved Bella return home safely.

The tweet read, "Thank you Sgt Christensen for rescuing Bella after she managed to sneak out and hop into a UPS truck! Our kids are so grateful to have her back home. How incredibly fortunate that Bella ended up in your hands. With much appreciation, Valerie, Mark, Katie & Joey"

"She went for a joyride!"

According to Bella's owner Valerie Havlasek, this incident is not completely out of character for Bella, as she is a very friendly pup.

“This is totally in Bella’s character. She will hop in anyone’s car. She went for a joyride,” laughs Havlasek in an interview with CKNW’s The Jill Bennett Show.

In the same interview, Havlasek went on to describe Sgt Christensen as a hero and express how lucky they were that things turned out the way they did.

She also shared just how loveable Bella is, admitting that Sgt Christensen was rather taken by the adventurous pup. “We chatted and he told me that they bonded and he’d put his name down and he was kind of hoping that no one claimed her because he wanted to adopt her,” she said.

Who doesn't love a happy ending?!


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