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Dog with visibly broken leg rescued after it's spotted for sale in Vancouver ad

Dumpling was rescued by a Good Samaritan who noticed the tiny pup's back leg 'broken in half' in online ad, says Vancouver SPCA.

A Bichon Friese named Dumpling is recovering in foster care after a Good Samaritan noticed the pup's leg was broken while browsing an online ad, and acted quickly to rescue her. After spotting the dog's back leg 'broken in half' in images posted on social media, the Good Samaritan immediately contacted the poster and arranged a meet-up to take in the injured dog.

The pup was then rushed to Vancouver BC SPCA where staff coordinated emergency surgery to repair the bone that had been broken, and Dumpling is currently recovering well in foster care while remaining on strict kennel rest.

A spokesperson from the organization explains how the outcome could have been very different.

"Dumpling got lucky. Someone went out of their way to rescue her. They could have kept on scrolling," says BC SPCA representative Eileen Drever.

"They stopped everything they were doing, sacrificing whatever it took to get this poor dog the help she desperately needed."

Dumpling after surgery / Photo: BC SPCA

Drever explains that although little Dumpling was obviously in a lot of pain when she arrived at the facility, it didn't stop her sweetness from shining through.

"Upon arrival it was clear this poor girl's back left leg was completely broken in half, with bone grinding against bone," Drever explains According to the representative, a full cruelty report was taken at intake but the investigation hit a dead end "as the person(s) of interest had apparently left the country."

However, by carefully documenting all the information from the online advertisement, and rushing Dumpling to the BC SPCA, the Good Samaritan helped this little pup get the emergency care she needed, and gave her the opportunity to find a loving home.

Home for the Holidays

Dumpling is currently in foster care, and will remain there for at least 5 more weeks until she makes a full recovery, and "we can find her a loving home for the holiday", says Drever.

Although there is no waiting list available, anyone interested in adopting Dumpling can set up an alert on the adoption site according to breed to be notified when she is ready for adoption, and when the application process will begin.

Dumpling recovering in foster care / Photo: BC SPCA Facebook


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