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You can support Canadian dog shelters next time you purchase household paper products

Need some supplies? This Canadian brand is donating to animal shelters across the country as part of their Home For Every Pet project.

Did you know that you can help shelter dogs find homes by picking up some ROYALE products next time you're shopping?

The Canadian brand is partnering with animal shelters across the country to help increase awareness and raise funds for the in-shelter care crucial to matching pets with loving families.

Every year, there are over 100,000 cats and dogs in need of adoption in Canada and ROYALE's ongoing Home for Every Pet Project aims to help even more Canadians experience the joy that shelter pets can bring when they find a forever home.

With the purchase of $20 of ROYALE products, the company will make a $5 donation to partner animal shelters across Canada up to a maximum of $100,000, and participants will also receive a $5 coupon to spend on ROYALE products.

If you didn't know about the campaign until now, and have bought $20 worth of ROYALE products in one transaction since August 17, 2020, as long as you've held onto the receipt you can upload it digitally through the ROYALE website, and still claim your coupon.

To mark the launch of the Home for Every Pet Project, ROYALE released a heart-warming collection of web-based stories featuring six adorable adopted pets and the stories of how they have given their adopted families the joy of companionship.

You may also have noticed that ROYALE's packaging has looked a little different recently, as for the first time in the brand's history, the iconic kitten packaging has been replaced with the adopted shelter pets that are featured in the videos.

"The ROYALE® Home for Every Pet Project™ is our opportunity to help bring the joy of pet adoption to all Canadians," said Jim Schedler, VP Marketing at Irving Consumer Products in a press release.

"As The Kitten Brand®, ROYALE® believes that each of the 100,000 cats and dogs in need of adoption every year in Canada deserves to find their forever home. There's a ROYALE® for every room, and now we're working to find a home for every pet."

For more information on the Home for Every Pet Project and how it is helping support Canadian shelters, visit the ROYALE website today.


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