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This adorable 2021 rescue dog calendar is available now and all proceeds help dogs in need

About a Dog Rescue Society's fundraising calendar features local rescue dogs with incredible stories captured by Vancouver Pet Photography.

If you're looking for a calendar ahead of the new year, you can feel good about purchasing this one as 100% of the proceeds go directly to helping dogs in need.

About a Dog Rescue Society's 2021 fundraising calendar in collaboration with Vancouver Pet Photography is full of stunning photos of adorable local rescue dogs who have incredible stories, and by purchasing yours, you can help make a difference in a rescue dog's life.

Courtesy of Vancouver Pet Photography

The second annual calendar sold by the Vancouver based non-profit rescue organization was designed and created by Katherine Gonzalez of Vancouver Pet Photography, and aims to inspire people to choose adoption, foster dogs, or help be the voice of animals in need of help.

Mike Edwards, President and Co-Founder of the Vancouver-based rescue society describes the calendar as a celebration of all the dogs who were the models, and for the dogs it will help through the funds raised.

"What you see are these beautiful pictures but behind that, there are these touching stories of what they overcame, how they found their families and the effect they had on them," explains Edwards.

"4 of the dogs included in the calendar have had incredible journeys to survive and have their rescue day. At the time of rescue, a photoshoot was unimaginable but here they are! It's truly heart-warming to know what they've been through and to see them represent all dogs needing help."

Courtesy of Vancouver Pet Photography

All the dogs featured were pictured in various locations in the Greater Vancouver area by Katherine Gonzalez, who joined forces with About a Dog Rescue Society to create a fundraising calendar that merged their joint passion and love for dogs to help improve their lives, and find their forever homes.

"Coming from a country where stray dogs are a big issue, I truly believe that no animal should be turned away, and help shouldn’t be limited to our own town or even country, especially with so many animals needing help and rescue," explains Katherine, who moved to Canada from Venezuela six years ago.

"In addition to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, About a Dog also coordinates wellness and spay/neuter clinics that help families with pets, and homeless dogs in impoverished areas get the care they need and deserve. The goal is not only to adopt dogs, but to give back to communities where so many of our furry family members come from, and that's why this project is really close to my heart."

About A Dog relies entirely on donations, and the support means a great deal to the team of volunteers at the rescue.

"This calendar is so special to us as each one of these dogs has a unique story that changed our lives," admits Edwards. "100% of the money received from sales goes directly to vet care, food and anything else our dogs needs from the moment we rescue them."

Each calendar costs $20 and is available to purchase online through the About A Dog Rescue Society website.


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