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Airline Options for Flying with Large Dogs in Cabin

For those considering air travel with their canine companions, it's essential to understand that opportunities for in-cabin flights are limited and vary greatly depending on the size and weight of your dog. While most airlines accommodate small dogs weighing up to 20 pounds, this leaves out medium and large breeds. Moreover, regulations mandating that dogs fit comfortably within a pet carrier further complicate travel for taller dogs, such as Italian Greyhounds.

However, there are alternatives available. Some airlines offer more lenient policies for dogs traveling in the cabin, providing a more comfortable experience for both you and your furry friend compared to cargo travel.

Many of these airlines operate on a semi-private basis, although their fares may be slightly higher than those of commercial carriers. Nevertheless, the additional cost often proves worthwhile for the peace of mind gained by keeping your dog nearby during the flight.

Below is a compilation of airlines that permit large dogs to fly in the cabin, along with answers to common queries regarding in-cabin travel with big dogs.


Similar to JSX, Aero operates as a semi-private airline, boasting luxurious amenities such as leather seats on small airplanes catering to up to 16 passengers. Although their fares are higher, the comfort and convenience justify the expense. Presently, Aero offers flights from Los Angeles to various destinations in the US and Europe.

Small pets weighing up to 20 pounds can travel in a carrier for a fee of $300, while medium and large pets require the purchase of an extra seat.


JSX, an independent air carrier based in the United States, offers a "hop-on jet service" primarily in the southern region, with flights spanning from the east to the west coasts. Departing from private terminals, JSX flights provide a hassle-free experience without the congestion of traditional airports.

What's more, passengers need only arrive 30 minutes before departure.

JSX welcomes pets weighing up to 65 pounds in the cabin. Small dogs and cats can travel in a carrier free of charge, while medium and large dogs can occupy an additional seat, provided they are well-behaved and leashed.

Tradewind Aviation

Tradewind Aviation, headquartered in Oxford, Connecticut, operates scheduled flights across the US and Caribbean, making it an excellent choice for vacation travel. Pets of all sizes, including large breeds, are welcome aboard Tradewind Aviation's spacious cabins.

A maximum of one party with pets per flight is allowed, with larger dogs requiring the purchase of an additional seat.

Surf Air

Surf Air offers jet membership services throughout the United States, featuring both scheduled semi-private flights and on-demand jet services. Memberships range from $199 to $3,000 per month, granting access to various flight plans.

Pets weighing up to 100 pounds are permitted on Surf Air flights, subject to operator policies and consent. Passengers must notify Surf Air and purchase a separate flight pass for their pet at least two days in advance.


BLADE offers passengers the option to book by-the-seat flights across the Northeast and West Coast or charter flights worldwide. In addition to semi-private flight services, BLADE provides alternative transportation modes such as helicopters and seaplanes.

On by-the-seat flights, pets under 25 pounds can sit on their owner's lap for a fee of $95, while heavier dogs require an additional seat. Chartered flights accommodate pets at no extra cost.


K9 JETS offers a unique solution for pet owners, allowing their beloved companions to accompany them in the cabin of a luxurious private jet instead of being relegated to the cargo hold of a commercial airplane. This service ensures a relaxed and stress-free environment for both you and your furry friends. One of the standout features of K9 JETS is that crates are not required for dogs, regardless of their size. However, our feline friends must remain in their carriers for the duration of the flight. K9 JETS operates flights to various destinations usually from New Jersey or Los Angeles, including Dallas, Dublin, Florida from New Jersey, Frankfurt, Hawaii, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Milan, New Jersey, and Paris. They even fly to Dubai from London. Flights are pricey, but if you have the funds, this may be an appropriate option!

There have been whispers of alternative choices available for individuals traveling with large dogs. With the increasing number of people embracing pets as part of their families, the demand for pet-friendly travel has surged. Many pet owners have apparently been uniting to arrange private charters, taking on the responsibility of planning routes and schedules, as well as dividing the flight costs among themselves.

Word on the street is that these private charter flights are typically scheduled on a monthly basis, operating between Canada and Europe. While tickets are priced at several thousand dollars, you'll have the opportunity to fly alongside fellow dog enthusiasts, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for your furry companion.

Flying in cargo...

Okay, not the best option, but sometimes unavoidable. Situations where your dog must be transported via cargo, thorough preparation becomes crucial. Anticipating and addressing potential challenges beforehand can significantly enhance the travel experience for both you and your pet.

To prepare your dog for his or her journey, consider several key factors. First, familiarize yourself with commands that can aid in managing your dog during the flight. It's also important to arrive well in advance at the airport to allow sufficient time for pet check-in at the gate. Providing your dog with ample exercise and bathroom breaks before departure can help promote a sense of calmness during the journey. In addition, asking the airline if it's acceptable to leave your dogs favourite toy and/or blanket make all the difference! Lastly, seek guidance from your veterinarian if you have concerns. They can offer medication or tailored advice to address any worries about your pet’s well-being during travel.

Do you have any tips for travelling with larger dogs? DM us on Instagram and let us know so we can update this article and help even more doggos experience enjoyable and safe travels.

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