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The Superdogs set to make a bounding return to PNE’s annual fair

The talented pups are back for this summer's scaled-down PNE fair in Vancouver.

The Superdogs are making a bounding return at this year’s Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) annual fair after the event was given the go ahead as B.C. eases out of Covid restrictions.

The furry fan favourites have been given the green light to make their return to the PNE’s Amphitheatre in Vancouver from August 21 to September 6 as British Columbia entered Stage 3 of its Restart Plan on July 1, with tickets for the event on sale now.

The pooch-orientated production, which in the past has featured magical themed shows such as AbracadaBark, Rock & Roll Over, Hollywoof and AcroBark, returns in 2021 with their “brand new celebration of fun”, Happy Together.

Dog-agility, skills, tricks and silliness are all part of the production, which sees hand-picked dog trainers and their family pets entertain crowds all over North America, cementing the four-legged-friends’ place as a staple of the PNE’s annual fair for over four decades.

Amy White, spokeswoman for The President's Choice Superdogs, tells OhMyDog! that the theme of Happy Together is simply about celebrating the joy of performing again. “It’s a really happy upbeat joyous show where we’ll be doing all of the typical events you’re used to the Superdogs doing - racing, jumping, dancing and frisbee,” she says.

Photo: The President's Choice Superdogs

The production, which bills itself as “a cross between a Broadway hit and a major sporting event”, will run three times a day, with slots in the Amphitheatre at 1pm, 3.30pm and 7pm over the just-over-two week period.

Although this year’s fair has been scaled down in accordance with B.C.’s Restart Plan, the show will still feature the most popular elements of the traditional show, with the West Coast Lumberjack Show, nightly live music on the Revel District Stage and a super-charged pyrotechnics show joining The Superdogs, along with fair rides and food outlets.

PNE President and CEO Shelley Frost said: “The PNE team have worked tirelessly to plan for a reduced capacity fair with a more limited scope that still delivers the fun that people have come to expect, and to that end we have been successful.

“The PNE Fair has been a landmark cultural event for generations, and we are excited to share it with British Columbians once again.”

Fair admission prices range from $12-15, with under 5s allowed in for free.

Although many pups will be featured in The Superdogs production, only Companion and Seeing Eye dogs are allowed with guests at the PNE and must be kept on a leash.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketleader here.


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