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As weather warning continues, Vancouver vets share tips on how to protect your pups

Extreme heat wave becomes less intense, but these tips could still help save a dog's life.

Things may be beginning to cool down, but Environment Canada is warning that temperatures will remain 'unseasonably warm' for the remainder of the week in Metro Vancouver - so dog owners should remain diligent to protect their pups from the heat. While the extreme heat wave has come to an end, the continued hot weather can be dangerous for our four-legged friends, and owners should still be practising summer safety tips to ensure their dogs don't overheat. Many reports were shared over the past few days of pets being rushed to their local vets due to the heat, with one registered veterinary technician sharing a 'critical update for pet owners' on social media after finishing an overnight shift at an emergency vets in Langley. The Facebook post by Kaneycia Bush-McLean, who works at the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley in Langley, states that on June 26, during one 8 hour shift, "6 bunnies and 3 dogs died at home from heat stroke, 1 cat and 2 dogs were euthanized for severe heat stroke and 2 dogs admitted to hospital for heat stroke." Earlier this week, Dr. Karley Little from Yaletown Pet Hospital also told OhMyDog! that the clinic had a few heat stroke patients present over the weekend, and shared what she does to keep her own dogs safe during hotter weather. "The biggest concerns are over doing it in the heat - keep walks in the shade, with lots of water, frequent breaks and short. Walks before sunrise and after sunset is a great idea," shares Dr Little. "For my dogs, I add water to their kibble to help boost their hydration and we spend a lot of time indoors with fans playing brain games and treat puzzles to help with their mental stimulation when we can’t get out to the beach or park!"

Many veterinary clinics around Vancouver have been sharing warnings of the dangers of extreme heat for dogs, as well as very useful tips on how to keep your pup safe in the heat, and we've compiled some of them below.

Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

Canada West Veterinary Specialists and Yaletown Pet Hospital shared important information regarding how to recognize the signs of heat stroke in your dogs, and what to do if you suspect your pup is suffering from it.

Tips on keeping your pup cool

Dawson Street Vet Clinic and Yaletown Pet Hospital have both shared important summer safety tips to help keep your pups safe and healthy during hot weather.

Maple Ridge Vet Hospital also shared on their Instagram page earlier this week that if pet owners have any questions or concerns about the heat and their pets, to please give them a call on 604-465-5421.


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