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Most Canadians would take a salary hit for more dog benefits at work

And some would even leave their job if dogs' benefits disappeared, according to a new survey.

Spaniel sat in office

As Canadians return to the office after a long stint of working from home, many had to say goodbye to their four-legged workmates. Others are lucky enough to have dog-friendly workplaces to be closer to their companions.

But no matter what your workplace allows, dogs-at-work allowances seem to be an increasing need for employee satisfaction.

And the voices are being heard. A new survey shows just how important dogs are to post-pandemic work life.

According to Rover, 72% of Canadians feel that dog-friendly workplaces are more important now than before the pandemic. The reason? Pets improve our mental health, and happy employees are better workers. A whopping 63% of Canadians say working alongside dogs improves well-being and mental health.

Here’s the really telling part. One quarter of Canadian pet-parents would leave their jobs if pet benefits were taken away. That's some serious commitment to a dog!

And even more Canadians would choose dogs over dough. 41% of pet owners would take a salary cut in exchange for more pet perks, like dog walking and pet insurance.

The survey sends a clear message to employers that kindness and caring extend to the respect of one’s pet. 51% of Canadian dog owners feel that the companies that promote dog-friendly cultures care more about their employees.

The takeaway? The future of workplaces looks a whole lot furrier.


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