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We tried the world’s first customizable dog shampoo and it’s as good as it sounds

Our verdict on the luxury all-natural bespoke dog shampoo, made right here in B.C.

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Every dog is unique, and that’s what makes them so special. So when we heard about the launch of the world’s first customizable dog shampoo designed specifically for your own individual dog’s needs, it got our attention.

When we later found out that this luxury product was all-natural, cruelty-free and made right here in Vancouver, we knew we had to try it out immediately. Laslo & Saxon lets dog owners fill out a fun online questionnaire about their pup, and then ships a personalized bottle of dog shampoo made specifically for them directly to your door. Launched last year by partners Tina Saxton and Robert Belcham, Laslo & Saxon was created to provide an elevated experience for both dogs and their humans without any artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals, and the idea is all thanks to the pair’s beloved rescue pup Dexter. “We rescued Dexter 3 years ago and he really opened our eyes to how special the relationship with your dog is, and we wanted to create a product for people who love their pet as much as we do'', Belcham tells OhMyDog!.

Testing the world's first customizable dog shampoo --- Advertising Feature ---

As a legendary local chef, Belcham was already making the pair’s Min Pin Chihuahua Poodle-cross Dexter organic food from scratch and wanted to know that the shampoo he was using for his pup was not only natural, but was also the absolute best that was available - and so the research began to create his own.

The pair started extensive research into the industry, and enlisted the help of a world-renowned former chemist from Estée Lauder to create a luxury formula with all-natural quality ingredients, essential oils and vitamins to keep dogs' coats strong and moisturized.

“We tried this on ourselves, and it’s better quality than what we use!,” laughs Saxton, who tells OhMyDog! that the Laslo & Saxon formula is intentionally higher quality than most shampoos for humans.

“Our pups live their lives through their nose, so we don’t want to cover them in artificial fragrances.”

Instead, dog owners can choose a fragrant botanical ‘top note’ for their dog's formula from Verbena & Lemongrass, Lavender & Sage, Orange Bergamot, Atlas Cedar & Rosemary and, coming soon, Northern Lights - a limited edition Holiday blend that mixes warming fir, fresh bergamot and calming frankincense.

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As a huge fan of all-natural vegan products for herself and her pup Olive, PawSwap’s Marketing Manager Carly Bennett jumped at the chance to try out Laslo & Saxon’s dog shampoo, and documented the experience from start to finish. Here’s what she thought….

“I’m jealous this isn’t a product for humans!”

Finding all-natural products for Olive is something that’s extremely important to me and my partner, so I was really excited to see that Laslo & Saxon is vegan, cruelty free, sustainably produced, and ethically sourced. Great start!


Firstly, the website was super cute and interactive. The questionnaire was a fun and unique way to narrow down my dog’s grooming needs and it was really nice to be able to customize the shampoo to Olive’s particular needs. I was really excited to receive the order, and luckily I didn’t have to wait long as shipping was super quick and the product arrived in less than a week - very impressive considering it’s personalized!

First Impressions

My first thought when I opened the box was ‘this feels very high end’ and honestly, my second was that I was jealous that it wasn’t a product for humans! The personalized note to Olive was such a cute touch and made it really feel like a gift for her. I love good packaging and this was a fantastic start, and it’s 100% recyclable which we love - 10 out of 10! It also 100% passed the sniff test - we chose the Lavender & Sage scent and it smelt amazing!

All Laslo & Saxon packaging is 100% recyclable with free shipping on all orders

Bath time

We’re lucky that Olive is pretty chill during bath time, however I think the lavender scent was even more helpful! The lather was also really great for an all-natural product, so I was very impressed.

We’re excited to use Laslo & Saxon again and the true test will be after a day in the mud, but I have very high hopes!

Our Verdict

I love what Laslo and Saxon stand for as a brand, and I was really impressed with the whole experience. I also love that they donate 1% of every purchase to a charity or non-profit of your choice.

It’s definitely a higher price point than basic dog shampoos available, but the quality of the product makes it absolutely worthwhile as it feels special, it was like a spa day for me and Olive.

I would absolutely recommend this product to other dog owners, and it would make an amazing gift for anyone who loves to treat their dog - I’m already thinking about who I can order a gift card for for the Holidays!


OMD! Branded Content This content has been sponsored by Laslo & Saxon and written exclusively by OhMyDog! editorial staff.



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