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Dog at “death’s door” rescued from abandoned Lower Mainland doggy daycare centre

Tragically, Gator was found malnourished with another dog who had passed away before help could arrive.

Photo: Courtesy of BC SPCA

A malnourished dog abandoned at a defunct doggy daycare centre in the Lower Mainland was found “at death’s door” before being rescued by welfare officers.

Gator, a 6-year-old Briard, was found covered in urine and feces in a kennel at the centre in Vancouver in conditions described as “beyond horrendous” by BC SPCA officers, who added “he would not have survived another day if he was not found when he was”.

Tragically, Gator was also found with another cellmate, who had passed away by the time help had arrived.

Officers rushed the starving dog to the BC SPCA’s Vancouver centre, where branch staff struggled to identify what breed he was due to his shocking condition.

On arrival, Gator was administered IV fluids for rehydration and given a body score of only 1 out of 9. Veterinary staff also trimmed more than 4kgs of matted fur and feces off of his body, revealing his malnourished frame.

Veterinary staff trimmed more than 4kgs of matted fur and feces off of his body | Photo: BC SPCA

After being neglected for so long, Gator now has several medical issues, including an abscessed ear, grade 4 oral disease and is so weak he requires pain medication to be able to walk. He will also need to be on a special diet to help regain weight, with the total cost of his care coming to about $6,000.

The BC SPCA have launched an investigation, meaning the operator of the day care centre cannot be named

"A zest for life and the will to live!"

Despite his recent trauma, Jodi Dunlop, manager of the Vancouver BC SPCA branch where Gator is being cared for, said he is a happy and sociable dog. You would think that Gator would be changed by what happened to him, but he’s a total sweetie,” she added. “He is so grateful to be saved and absolutely loves people and attention. He has a zest for life and the will to live!”

After his treatments are completed in about four weeks’ time, Gator will be up for adoption.

Gator is so grateful to be saved and absolutely loves people | Photo: BC SPCA

To donate to Gator’s medical emergency fund, click here.


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