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Search underway for owner of drowned dog found at Lynn Canyon pools

North Vancouver firefighters made the tragic discovery near Twin Falls bridge.

Photo: Twitter/DNV Fire Rescue Services

A search is underway to trace the owner of a dog that was found drowned in the pools at Lynn Canyon.

District of North Vancouver firefighters made the tragic discovery on Thursday, July 1, south of Twin Falls bridge in Lynn Canyon.

A tweet by the District of North Vancouver Fire Rescue Services (DNVFS) said the dog was taken to Mountainside Animal Hospital to see if it could be identified.

The team also encouraged the public to make sure their pets are safe around fast moving water.

The BC SPCA recommends checking water conditions before allowing your dog to enter the water to avoid tragedy or injury, with advice on their website saying, “Most dogs have a tendency to jump into the water without hesitation but it’s a good idea to teach your dog to wait before he leaps.

“This way you’re able to check for signs of anything that could be harmful to your pup, including: riptides or undertows; dangerous objects, like submerged tree trunks or boulders; dangerous animals, like snakes or jellyfish; or other people in the water, like boaters, fishermen, or young children.”

The charity also recommends dog owners be as proactive as possible by equipping their pets with life jackets, whether that be at the family pool, beach or on a boat, as well as ensuring your pooch understands and responds to cues and commands.


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