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Featured Locations

Be a part of the exclusive program that brings loyal customers who support locations, even when their dog isn't present, ensuring ongoing patronage and support.

Apply to be a featured location by filling out the short form below

Why GoDoggo Featured Location?

Loyalty Beyond Dog Visits

Dog owners are loyal customers who choose locations that are accommodating to dogs, even when their dog isn’t present. They appreciate businesses that prioritize their pets and are more likely to support your establishment over others, creating a dedicated customer base that love your brand.


Exclusive Marketing and Promotional Opportunities:

The GoDoggo app offers exclusive marketing and promotional opportunities for featured businesses. Take advantage of targeted marketing campaigns, social media spotlights, and dedicated email newsletters to showcase your business to our engaged audience. Benefit from enhanced visibility, brand exposure, and the opportunity to stand out as a go-to destination for dog owners.


Being dog friendly doesn't necessarily mean being overly accommodating to dogs at all times. It's about having a well-defined policy that respects the needs and comfort of both dogs and their owners. By being a Featured Location, you can showcase your commitment to transparency and clarity in your dog policy.

Targeted Exposure 

Dog owners are significantly more likely to post about your location via social media than your other customers. GoDoggo Club Members are amongst the highest of this demographic, and love to promote locations they visit that are part of the program.

Boost Brand Exposure

Leverage the GoDoggo App's popularity to expand your brand's reach and attract new customers actively searching for pet-friendly establishments.

Stand Out from Competitors

Featured Locations stand out on the GoDoggo App, showing up in more listings for all app users, differentiating your business from the rest. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your business and cater to a loyal community. 

How members will redeem your offer

A special offer button will show up on your business listing in the GoDoggo app. A pop-up window will appear, showing your offer.

GoDoggo App Special offer for dog-friendly business
GoDoggo Club membership card for redeeming special deals

Pop-up showing your offer

GoDoggo Club Member card, to be presented at time of redemption

Special offer button

To redeem this exclusive offer, GoDoggo Club members must present their in-app GoDoggo Club card to the staff. Please note that special offers are available only to club members.


Q: Why dog owners? A: Our goal is to be the leading resource to help dog owners create more memorable moments with their dogs, and it just so happens that this industry and target market also make the best customers. Not only are they loyal, especially to brands that allow their dogs, but they also spread the word more about your location than your regular customers. A recent study found that adult dog owners share, post or talk about their pets on social media an average of 6 times per week. Most importantly, the study found that one in ten has a social account exclusively for their beloved dog.

Q: What is the aim of the program? A: The invite-only program aims to celebrate locations that welcome dogs, while providing dog owners that are a part of the GoDoggo Club with perks and special offers at the Featured Locations, benefiting both the locations and GoDoggo Club Members. Additionally, the program aims to inspire other locations to strive for excellence in dog-friendliness by highlighting those that excel in this area.

Q: How do you choose your businesses? A: Our selective process ensures that only businesses meeting our criteria and standards are featured, creating a curated list of trusted and quality locations. This targeted exposure increases your visibility and attracts potential customers who are passionate about providing the best experiences for their furry friends. To quality, a business has to have at least 5 positive reviews and hold an average rating of at least 4 stars. Another way to get approved is if you are approached by a Companion (aka one of our ambassadors), or from GoDoggo directly.

Q: What criteria does a location need to meet in order to be considered dog-friendly and eligible for participation? A: To be considered dog-friendly and eligible for participation, a location simply needs to welcome dogs during any periods throughout the year. We understand that businesses may have specific policies, and as of July 10th, businesses have the opportunity to highlight dog policies in the description section of the business listing. This ensures that dog owners have clear information about your establishment's approach to accommodating their furry friends.

Q: What kind of advertising can we expect? A: We have an ongoing Facebook advertising campaign to drive new app downloads and increase membership in the GoDoggo Club. Additionally, once users download our app, they receive a series of targeted emails that provide information about the exclusive benefits of the GoDoggo Club and highlight the featured locations where they can redeem special offers. In addition to our Facebook advertising and email campaigns, we have a strong and active community of 50,000 dog owners. Leveraging the content and engagement from our community, we will incorporate user-generated content into our promotional efforts. Furthermore, we have a dedicated private Facebook group with 8.4k members, which serves as a valuable platform for engagement and promotion. Lastly, we will continue to utilize email campaigns targeting our list of nearly 30k local dog owners and leverage in-app notifications beginning August to ensure maximum visibility and encourage participation in the GoDoggo Club program. Beyond this, GoDoggo Featured Locations enjoy additional benefits, including increased visibility within the app and an enhanced listing. As a featured business, your establishment will appear more prominently in search results, ensuring that dog owners can easily find and discover your location.

Q: How will by business be featured in the app? A: Your business will receive prominent visibility on the app, not only to our Club Members but to all users. This increased exposure will result in better visibility in search results, ensuring that your location stands out as a location that values clear and up-to-date dog policies. More specifically, Featured Locations will have the GoDoggo Club badge displayed on their listings, and appear in more searches when a user filters by “Special Offer.” while the visibility and perks primarily target our Club Members, all users will be able to see that your location is featured. This inclusive approach ensures that your establishment remains inviting and appealing to all potential visitors, fostering a welcoming atmosphere even without the GoDoggo Club Card.

Q: How long do I need to keep the special offer up for and am I able to change it? A: We strive to provide our valued members with the best experience possible. To ensure dog owners have enough time to visit your location, we ask that special offers be available for a minimum of 3 months. In the event that an offer is to be removed, we request a 2-week notice period. Once removing your special offer, the app will automatically let our users know they have 2 weeks left to visit your location. This ensures ample time for dog owners to visit the respective locations and take advantage of the offer before it expires.

Q: Why do dog owners join the GoDoggo Club? A: GoDoggo Club Members have joined the club first and foremost, to support our mission of fostering meaningful experiences with dogs. As a Featured Location, you would have the opportunity to connect with this dedicated customer base, who are loyal, passionate, and eager to support establishments that prioritize their furry friends, even when they are not in their company. Our Club Members are enthusiastic about discovering dog-friendly venues like yours and we aim to make it that much easier to discover their new favourite spot.

Q: Are there any costs or fees associated with joining the program or being featured in the app? A: The program is free for businesses that have been invited to join the program, or for those that meet the minimum requirement to join the program. We believe in maintaining this approach to ensure the highest quality and value for both businesses and our community. Our goal is to carefully select and feature locations that we genuinely believe will be beneficial to the businesses involved as well as the dog owners in our community. We prioritize quality over quantity to create a curated and trusted experience for all parties involved.

Q: What can I expect after I sign up? A: Shortly after hitting submit, you’ll receive an email containing valuable materials that you can utilize to promote the initiative and effectively communicate it to your team in preparation for the soft launch happening during the week of July 17th 2023 and continuing on for the rest of the summer and into the fall. Remember, you can change your offer or edit it at any time directly from your app listing once the program launches.

Q: Okay, I'm ready to sign up. What should my special offer be? A: The special offer you decide to move forward with should be something enticing enough for our members to visit you or try your service. This could include discounts on products or services, a free item, complimentary goodies, priority seating, or any other creative incentives that showcase your commitment to catering to dog owners.

Q: When can I expect dog owners to start visiting? A: As this is a new program, we expect it will take up to a month for dog owners to begin to visit; however, you may even see your first one as early as next week. It won't be a huge number at first, but as we promote the program more to our users, it will pick up over time. Keep in mind, this is a trial, and as a new business to the program, we are here to help and can make adjustments to your listing if needed, even before the 3 months is up.

More questions?

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