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You can make your favourite dog photo into real Canada Post stamps

Sending mail has just got a whole lot cuter!

Everyone loves receiving cards and letters in the mail, but we may have found a way to make the experience even better for your recipient - by having your own pup on the postage stamp! When we received a photo of real stamps starring our team member's adorable Frenchie Justin, the whole team had the same reaction - how and where do we get these?!

We did some digging, and although the personalized stamp option has actually been available on Canada Post for a while, naturally, we wanted to share this fun way to use the service with our OhMyDog! readers. So we got all the details from PawSwap co-founder, and Vancouver dog owner Brittany, who was extremely excited to receive the stamps as a thank you gift earlier this week. "I had no idea Canada Post allowed you to make custom stamps!," explains Brittany, who owns 3-year-old French Bulldog Justin. "My neighbour gave me the stamps as a surprise and I actually cried, I thought it was so sweet!," she admits.

Justin's personalized stamp book

Unsurprisingly, Brittany highly recommends these as a gift for a dog lover in your life and feels like this may be the start of a large collection of Justin-themed stamps.

"I now plan on putting various photos of Justin on countless stamps! I need Justin stamp options, as he has a variety of moods that I feel need to be captured on postage!," she laughs. "I'm very excited to use them and the first thing I'll send with them will probably be a postcard to my sister!"

The Canada Post’s Picture Postage TM service is available through the Canada Post website, with the option to take a photo or use your own design to create a personalized stamp that can be used to send letters, cards and other mail in Canada or internationally. According to the site, custom stamps begin at $36.50 and usually arrive within 10 business days. Brittany also sent along photos of two other pups in her apartment building who have also made these dog-themed stamps, so of course, we had to share the cuteness - check out local pups Kinoko and Bailey below.



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