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You can buy a reusable face mask that helps local dogs in need today

A new Vancouver rescue organization is providing free spay/neuters and vaccinations to dogs in need this weekend. Here's how you can help.

In search of a reusable face mask? A Vancouver rescue has teamed up with a local face mask company to sell stylish masks, with proceeds from each purchase helping to provide spay/neuters and vaccinations to dogs in need.

The Rescue Chain Foundation, a not-for-profit organization committed to reducing pet overpopulation and suffering of dogs through spay and neuter clinics, has teamed up with Vancouver-based company FCE-MSK to sell 'The Rescue Chain Masks', with 100% of the profits going directly to help dogs that need it.

With face coverings becoming mandatory in some regions around the world, masks are more of a necessity than ever to ensure we continue to slow the spread of COVID-19, with medical professionals encouraging their use in public spaces.

So if are in the market for a reusable mask, you can give back and support a great cause by ordering a paw-printed Rescue Chain Mask online today for $19.99.

Alex Blumberg, founder of CAARE Rescue, has now founded The Rescue Chain and is incredibly passionate about the difference they can make in our local community and throughout Canada.

"The idea behind The Rescue Chain is like links in a chain - rescues would be unable to stand strong for the animals they wish to help without the many links required along the way," explains Blumberg.

"There is so much more needed than just adoptive homes if we truly want to make an impact on the overpopulation crisis. Yes, we help where we can, but without the education about responsible pet ownership and without the accessibility to the resources required to properly care for said animals, we will only be fighting a constant battle.

This weekend, The Rescue Chain team will be holding their first Wellness Check in Downtown Eastside. At noon on Sunday, July 19, meeting at Crab Park, their Vancouver Eastside Wellness Clinic 2020 will be offering to spay/neuter and vaccinate dogs owned by people who may not have the means to do so themselves, and later returning the dogs when they are healed.

"For residents of the Vancouver East Side, dogs play a vital role in providing unconditional love for their humans," states The Rescue Chain's Instagram page. "The dogs and their humans are inseparable and have formed unbreakable bonds. It has become a regular sight in the community to see these dogs and how loved they are. Spaying and neutering reduces/eliminates a number of health problems that are difficult and/or expensive to treat."

For each dog The Rescue Chain is able to help, it will cost a total of $275 to cover the spaying/neutering, vaccinations and medicine needed, so they are relying heavily on sponsors and donations.

The Rescue Chain brochure

"Our work will be primarily in remote communities that have stray dogs and owned dogs that run free as well as working with communities that may not have the means to afford those costs," continues Blumberg.

"It will consist of spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted puppies being born into short lives of suffering, along with supporting the communities and dogs owned by residents. We will also work with rescues to facilitate the adoption of those that cannot be returned to their territory."

"Dogs are our passion and slowly, but surely, we are trying to chip away at the problem of animals not getting the care they need," adds Alix McEwan from The Rescue Chain Foundation team.

"We domesticated them as a species and we have a responsibility to them. Help us help them by making a donation today or purchasing a mask to help our furry friends in need."

If you'd like to help support The Rescue Chain, you can email for more information, or purchase a face mask here.



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