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We all need this cuteness today. Dog owners share photos of their furry social distancing partners

In these unsettling times, we need cute dog pictures more than ever! So we're sharing some of the best pics of dogs practicing social distancing we found in Facebook group 'Dogspotting Society'.

Across the globe, we are all being advised to practice social distancing right now. This means staying home from work, cancelling parties, postponing events and limiting outings in public, all in order to minimize close contact with others.

Although this is a big adjustment for most of us, there's one group that is more than happy to be our social distancing partners - our beloved pups!

They love nothing more than being by our sides and as far as they're concerned, their owners are “choosing” to stick around all day and cuddle - what a treat!

Here at PawSwap, we’re avid followers of the popular Facebook group 'Dogspotting Society'. The group for dog lovers has over 1 million members and they are currently doing their best to keep everyone’s spirits high.

'Dogspotting Society' is keeping things positive by banning any discussion about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on their page in order to stop "the spread of misinformation, political debate, drama, and content that is in poor taste overall."

Luckily for us, a few group members have been posting some adorable pictures of their dogs practicing social distancing - something we could all do with a bit more of right now!

This sort of cuteness is a great way of celebrating the dog-loving community in these uncertain times.

So, we thought we'd share some of our favourite images from the page to help brighten up your day!

Dogs Practicing Social Distancing

Dog Practicing Social Distancing

Pictures of Dogs Practicing Social Distancing

Dogs not practicing Social Distancing

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