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Vancouver, the un-friendliest city, unless you're this...

Last week, an international survey named Vancouver the #1 friendliest city in the world. Which, for numerous reasons, prompted the following responses:

If you live in Vancouver, are from Vancouver, or recently visited Vancouver, you’ll know why. At it’s best, Vancouver can appear standoffish. At its worst: elusive, and clique-y. Even Vancouverites are quick to admit there is room for improvement. People tend to stick to their own tribes (once they find them), all of which makes meeting new people a tricky past time.

But all that goes out the window the second you see a Vancouverite who is a dog owner!

Vancouver unfriendliest city
Dog parents coming together!

Ah, dogs. Can anyone name something they don’t like about them?

They make people smile. They have the power to bring people together. Petting them makes you happy — petting them makes them happy (yay, science!). They sneeze and you melt into a puddle of “Ohhhhhhhhh that’s adorable.” Dogs possess actual magical powers: They’re able to bring complete strangers together, facilitate conversations, and create trust and social support.

So, whether you’re new to Vancouver or looking to broaden your circle of friends, consider PawSwap your newest social network!

Vancouver unfriendliest city

More about PawSwap...

PawSwap is a platform that lets you create and customize your trusted list of pet sitters and friends. Whether you’re looking for new friends, new friends for your doggo, or someone to look after Fido, PawSwap makes it easy and affordable to connect with dog owners in the city.

If you’re new to Vancouver, Meet-ups can help you get to know other dog parents in your community, set up some play dates, and maybe make new friends! When you make new friends at Meet-ups, not only do you help break the un-friendliness curse of Vancouver, but you can add these people to your Pack.

Bonus points: Most of our Meet-Ups are in the dog park, so there’s always a ton of pups for your bff to socialize, meet, and play with!

Vancouver unfriendliest city

Using PawSwap to find people to look after your doggo is also easier! If you’ve ever had to find a friend to look after your pooch in a pinch, you’ll know how daunting the task is (and sometimes awkward!). You’ll send out a bunch of individual texts, maybe blast social media, post it in slack channel at work, put up some smoke signals, etc. — whatever it takes to try and see who, of all your dog-loving colleagues, will come to you in your time of need. Que read and no replies.

How much easier it would be if you could broadcast just ONE message to a group of people you knew not only loves dogs, but has the incentive to help you out! That’s how PawSwap works: You can send one message to everyone in your trusted Pack of Friends for a request to look after your doggo.

So, ready to try it out? Get started with PawSwap today for easy, affordable, and guilt-free pet care!


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