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Vancouver food prep company helps busy dog owners spend more time with their dogs!

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that dogs hate being left alone. Especially for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, it’s often your furniture that pays the price. Not only can long-term loneliness lead to destructive behaviour, but also anxiety and depression for your pup.

As you probably know your dog’s loneliness isn’t just a problem for your pup. As dog owners, we feel guilty too! And that aching feeling grows stronger with each hour we’re away (sounds dramatic, but 100% true).

As fellow dog parents, part of our mission is to find solutions to this problem without breaking the bank.

An Innovative Solution to your Dog’s Long and Lonesome Hours

It takes a lot of time to not only grocery shop, but also conjure up what to eat and prepare our meals. After a long day of work or a busy day of errands, planning and preparing dinner can seem like a very daunting and tedious task, especially when you have a pup at home waiting to hang out with you.

That’s why we’ve searched high and low for the easiest, most efficient, and healthiest food delivery company to partner with, allowing dog parents to spend time with what matters to the most: their dogs!

What company cares about your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your best friend? Fresh Prep!

Why Dog Parents Love Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep wants you to have more time to play fetch, enjoy walks, and create more wag-tastic moments with your dog. And they don’t want their members to compromise when it comes to health, budget, sustainability, taste, and variety just for convenience.

How do they make it all pawssible? Their service gives members an alternative to fast food, grocery store lines, and take-out. And the best part, the fresh ingredients are delivered right to your door, which means more time with your pup.

Why We Love Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep and PawSwap: sounds like an odd pairing, right? Even though we are from two totally different industries, our teams couldn’t help but notice how similar our goals are.

Both of our companies look to provide members with convenient, high-quality solutions to everyday problems. We help dog parents meet other dedicated pup parents and find solutions to walking and overnight dog sitting while Fresh Prep makes mealtime unbeatable.

When we came across the company Fresh Prep, we knew we had to not only partner with them but share their story.

Their fresh and wholesome meals can be prepared from start to finish in 15 to 30 minutes. Not only do they provide you the nutrition you need to keep up with your four-legged friend, but they leave you with plenty of time to enjoy the rewards of being a dog owner.

The Fresh Prep Story...

We sat down with Becky Brauer, Director of Product Development at Fresh Prep, and her Rottweiler Brody to not only talk about Fresh Prep, but to also ask her to share more about the special bond she has with her pup. Something that’s sure to develop with the more time you spend with your pup.

Q. Why did you start Fresh Prep?

A. The grocery model hasn’t changed in years. We thought that we could use technology to disrupt the system and re-think the way we cook at home and grocery shop.

Q. What sets Fresh Prep apart from other food delivery boxes

A. Our commitment to quality, local and sustainable food. Our in-house fleet of delivery drivers, our cooler bag exchange delivery system, our soft plastic recycling program, and of course the fact that we’re owned and operated in Vancouver, BC!

Q. Tell us about your pup!

A. Brody is the best guy in the whole world. He’s super loyal, smart, athletic, and loving. I swear he speaks english, he understands so many words. He’s also a big cuddly baby and acts like a 2 year old sometimes. He likes to sit on people, but it’s okay because he’s super silky soft and smells nice. He also likes to howl loudly at the blender and he’s got about 9893 different facial expressions. His favourite things are swimming, orange chuck-it balls, butt scratches, chicken, and sweet potatoes in that order.

Q. Whats a cute memory of you and Brody?

A.The first moment I saw him!! My husband actually proposed to me with an 8 week old (very tiiiiny) Brody outside a restaurant. It was very dark out, so I didn’t understand what was going on at first and I couldn’t see Brody. He just looked like this little black blob. Of course once I saw his face it was game-over. I think my heart grew 3 sizes that day.

Q. Are there any Fresh Prep meals that you’ll let your dog take a little bite from :wink: ?

A. Anything with chicken!!

Q. Why is spending time with your dog important to you?

A. I swear he lowers my blood pressure. Starting a company is very stressful, but coming home to him at the end of a long busy day is the best! His face gives me a burst of instant joy.

Bone Appetite from PawSwap and Fresh Prep!

We know you meticulously read the label of your dog’s food. Don’t miss out on the same attention to detail, nutrition, and flavor when it comes to your own dinner. With Fresh Prep, you will receive wholesome, personalized, and delicious meals with carefully selected ingredients. Their convenient service also gives you plenty of free time to bond with your pup.

Fresh Prep wants to hook PawSwap members up with 3 FREE Meals! Download PawSwap and redeem your Reward!


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