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Vancouver dog-yoga enthusiasts wanted to star in Nissan commercial

A Vancouver car commercial will pay dog-loving yoga enthusiasts $2k to pose with pups - and you don't need to have your own dog!

If you love cuddling pups and enjoy practising yoga, you could combine them both and earn some cash at the same time by starring in a Vancouver commercial next month.

Vancouverite practicing dog-yoga with her dog

Jigsaw Casting is looking for a group of 3-5 people who live or socialize together to be part of a Nissan Rogue campaign, filming in Vancouver the week of Sunday, August 23 to Saturday, August 29.

As PawSwap has co-hosted a number of Poses & Pups dog-yoga classes in the city with Vancouver based app, myMomentum, we've seen our dog community in action and encourage anyone who has attended our classes to apply for the starring roles.

Casting directors are looking for a broad range of ethnicities, cultures, ages, sexual orientations, and hobbies to truly represent the diversity of Canada, so get your close friends together and throw your hat in the ring.

This group of 3-5 people, aged 22-55 years old, is into yoga and they love to include their dogs. Although Jigsaw Casting is ideally looking for people who practice yoga, no previous dog/yoga experience is required.

And great news for dog lovers - you don't need to have your own dog, you just need to be comfortable cuddling with one.

Adult families, a group of friends, roommates or coworkers that are in each other's COVID bubble are welcome to apply if they fit the criteria and at least one member of the group owns a valid driver's license.

If you and your group get selected, you'll be paid approximately $2,000 per person. Getting paid to cuddle dogs seems like a pretty sweet deal to us! No previous acting experience is required, though you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to apply.


If interested, all you have to do is submit a self-tape of you and your group following these easy steps:

1. Introduce yourselves.

2. Each tell us a bit about yourself.

3. Before lockdown, what did you and your friends or family regularly get up to?

4. Do you play team sports? Any clubs you’re a part of? Interest groups?

5. You’ve got a long weekend ahead, what did you plan?

6. For the next 30 seconds, pretend to be in a car and drive, and show us what it would look like if you were behind the wheel. One person can be the driver, while the others sit beside or in the back and show us how you interact with one another in the car, going on a trip. Once you've filmed your tape, you can apply online here. Just make sure to apply before July 10, 2020, at 9 am to be considered.



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