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Urgent: Golden lab was taken to Chilliwack BC SPCA with serious injuries

Daisy the dog needs our support after being hit by car

It’s every pet parent’s nightmare. The news of a dog being hit by a car.

Luckily, Daisy the Golden Labrador survived, but she arrived at the BC SPCA with many heartbreaking injuries. She was run over by a car in the Chilliwack area, treated by a vet, and brought to the care of the local SPCA team.

“Daisy arrived at the shelter requiring urgent care,” says Chloe MacBeth, manager of the Chilliwack BC SPCA.

“She had a large laceration on her hind leg, had a severe paw injury, her face was swollen, and she still had blood and tire tread marks on her face.”

The dog needed a number of toes on her back paw amputated after they had been crushed by the car. She also arrived with a number of small fractures in her skull.

The team at Chilliwack’s BC SPCA expects Daisy to be with them for at least 8 weeks. Daisy has already received surgery, vaccinations, bloodwork, pain control, and she will still need rehabilitation before she is released for adoption and a new life.

“Daisy was a breeding animal before she was surrendered to us,” says MacBeth.

“Despite everything she has been through, she has great energy and spirit and has been so good with vet staff and her foster family when she gets her daily wound care.”

To help with Daisy’s recovery and medical expenses, please visit the BC SPCA’s medical emergency site. You can also help other dogs in need there.

“Daisy wants so badly to play and run outside,” says MacBeth.


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