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Tips for Vancouver dogs who refuse to do their business in the rain

Bad news guys, that pretty much non-stop rain we’ve been getting for almost two weeks now? Yeah, that’s not going anywhere.

Sad dog in the rain

There’s at least another week of it in the forecast and although we know to expect it in Vancouver, no one likes miserable weather – including our furry friends.

Many of our pooches hate going out in the wet weather which makes things a little difficult when it won’t stop raining! 

You need them to do their business outside but really, who can blame them for not being too excited about it?

Don’t worry though.  We’ve found some tips that could help you persuade even the most stubborn pup to pee in the rain! 

If your dog is one of the many that just stands outside looking at you with no intention of peeing in the rain, you need a plan of action! 

So, try these six tips on how to get your dog to go potty in the rain, because summer is a long way off yet! 

1. Get them used to water at a young age

Obviously, we want to protect our little puppies from the cold and rain – it's natural. But it’s important you get them used to water when they’re still young.

It’s a good idea to take your pup outside frequently on rainy days, and even though they’ll be reluctant to go out in wet weather initially, they’ll soon get used it to. 

And taking them out in the rain when their young will help them be care-free about wet weather when they’re older!

2. Dress them for the occasion

If your dog turns into a real diva when they go out in the rain (no judgement here!) then think about investing in some wet weather clothing.

You wouldn’t go out in the rain without a raincoat, so if your dog is particularly reluctant to go outside in wet weather, definitely try a coat.

There are so many cute and affordable raincoats available online and locally, so pick one up and see if it makes a difference!

Also, carry a large umbrella with you when you take your pup out to go potty because your hood might keep your hair dry, but it doesn’t protect your dog.

3. Reward them (with treats and praise!)

Start small – give your dog praise for just going outside in the rain. Make sure they know they’ve done something good!

Then get excited and make a big deal the first time they go potty in the rain. Give them a treat and let them know you’re proud of them.

Keep treating them each time they pee in the rain until they no longer dread it!

4. Go outside with them 

If they have to brave the bad weather, then it's only fair that you do too! Show your pup that you're both in this together, grab an umbrella and go outside with them.

This is also a great time to practise tip 4, as you can give them lots of praise while you're outside with them.

5. Make or find a shelter

Dogs love familiarity, and this includes where they go to do their business! They like to sniff out the same spot, so make it easy for them and create or find a sheltered area.

If there are no covered areas, create one by using a large umbrella and take them there each time they need to use the bathroom.

This way, they don't have to waste too much time in the rain trying to find their favourite potty spot!

6. Be patient 

This is the most important one. Be understanding of your pup and try not to get frustrated.

It's cold, wet and miserable and it's not fun for them, so give them time and don't stress them out by getting impatient.

If you've been standing outside for 20 minutes and your pup is still no closer to doing their business, stay calm. Instead, try taking them for a walk. Sooner or later, the urge for them to potty will come!

So if you've been wondering how to help your dog to pee when it's raining, hopefully this will have given you some ideas to try out over the next wet week in Vancouver.

Good luck!


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