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This Vancouver Dog Documenting The Steps of Self-Isolation Is All Of Us

We seriously could not relate more. These posts displaying the stages of social distancing by a Vancouver dog will be the best thing you'll see today.

For most Vancouverites, we’re now in our third week of social distancing, and with no certainty on when it’s going to end, there’s definitely some frustration – and a lot of boredom.

Something that does make this very strange time a little easier though, is knowing that we’re all in this together.

Which is why, when we saw this Vancouver dog documenting the various stages of social distancing on his Instagram page, we could not have related more.

So, we thought we’d share it with you to brighten your day, and hopefully give you a laugh when we all need it the most.

Also, if we needed any more proof that Vancouver dogs and their owners are the best around, here it is!

1. First things first, we started washing our hands a lot more. And definitely at least once thought "20 seconds?! This feels a lot longer than usual..."

Here, Tantissimo showed us how it's done, and it's definitely the cutest tutorial we've seen.

2. The first Monday of working from home. This is when dog owners were still optimistic about how much work they could get done.

We started to realize how excited our pups were to have us home all day, but we were more than happy to give them all our attention.

Midday cuddles? I could get used to this!

3. Pretty much all of our reactions when we realized everything was getting cancelled and it was time to get serious about social distancing!

4. The point when dog owners realized that their real boss during this time of social distancing is going to be their pup. And that no work was getting done unless they allowed it!

"You're trying to write an important email? No sorry, I demand you throw this ball for me immediately."

5. When we started internally telling off anyone we saw that was not standing at least 2 meters away from the people near them. Come on guys! You know the rules. Don't ruin it for everyone!

6. It started off well, but this whole 'not leaving the house' thing is a lot more tiring than we thought. Is 2pm too early to have a nap?

7. When you heard some of your friends still had to go into the office...

This was our reaction too Tantissimo!

8. You can stop us from going outside, but you can't stop us from people watching!

If you say you haven't spent more time starring out of your windows lately - especially if you live Downtown - you're lying.

9. Expectation: I'll do a home workout every day before work and get in the best shape I've been in for years with all this free time!


10. And finally, the stage we are all at now. We want to go outside! Please let us go out for walk - we'll be good, we promise!

Now we know how our pups feel...



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