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The risk of traditional dental cleaning...

Spend Your Treats: Dashing Dogs Dental


Take a look at your pup. Does he or she have build up on their teeth? Did you know that by age three, 86% of dogs & cats have some form of dental disease. Dental disease is the #1 illness affecting pets that can affect their heart, kidney and lungs.

Sometimes the signs aren't as obvious, but its super important to try and recognize the following signs...

  • bad breath

  • bleeding or inflamed gums

  • excessive drooling

  • pawing at mouth

  • loose teeth

  • loss of appetite

  • excessive chewing

  • not playing with toys

We know the struggle of trying to keep up on your dogs dental hygiene, that's why we are excited to introduce you to Seana at Dashing Dogs Dental! One of the many things we loved about Dashing Dogs is that it's Sedation-FREE! As a child, owner Seana lost her own dog to too much anaesthesia administered at a traditional pet clinic. Determined to not let this happen to another family, Seana became certified through North America’s only academically recognized and accredited specialized a non anaesthesia dental training program offered only in the United States. Now Dashing Dogs Dental offers its no sedation services at over a dozen locations across Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

So how does she keep your pup calm? Dashing Dogs relies on their ‘pet-whispering’ skills to establish a trusting relationship with each animal and at the same time use gentle relaxation techniques which allows the pup to feel safe and comfortable. Even the feisty ones with challenging personalities are usually very cooperative. Some may even fall asleep!

We love the care and patience Seana gives to all the dogs that come in for this service. It really gives a comforting feeling to the owner knowing that your furry friend won't be in danger over something that should be easy! Each examine includes a visual examination of teeth, an overall mouth check, removal of tarter & plaque, a polish to get rid of stains, and a pet report card. The whole service takes approximately an hour.


Want to give your dog those pearly whites they deserve?

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