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Responsible Dog Ownership Series: Dog park Edition

11 Tips to Practice Good Dog Park Etiquette

Creating more dog-friendly cities starts by promoting and being an advocate for responsible dog ownership. We gathered feedback from the community on our initial list of nine rules of thumb to follow before visiting a dog park and have compiled the results, including the initial list of nine, below.

1. Feed your dog before entering the park: food at dog parks can sometimes trigger resource guarding behaviour in dogs, which can lead to aggression

2. Keep your dog leashed until inside: this is important for the safety of your dog and other dogs in the park

3. Ensure your dog is vaccinated: make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations and is healthy enough to play with other dogs.

4. Know your dog’s behaviour: understand your dog’s personality and behaviour, and make sure they’re comfortable around other dogs and people.

5. Follow the posted rules for the park: every dog park has posted rules, and it is important to follow them to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all.

6. Always clean up after your dog: this is not only common courtesy, but it also helps keep the dog park clean and hygienic for other dogs and owners.

7. Think twice if you have a puppy: puppies have weaker immune systems and are more susceptible to diseases and infections transmitted by other dogs.

8. Puppies may lack social skills: puppies may not yet have developed the social skills and boundaries necessary for safe play with other dogs.

9. Don’t bring a dog in heat to the park: bringing a dog in heat to the park can cause disruption and aggression amongst other dogs

Community suggestions:

”Don’t bring your small children and picnic to the dog park. Especially if you are not with a dog of your own." says ayaworki

thepawsomelifeofanniebananie shares: “We rarely use dog parks for these exact reasons! But one thing missing is that owners need to watch their dogs when at a dog park. We have seen people take their dog to let them run around but when they are on their phone not paying attention to what’s going on."

Do you have any recommendations to add to this list? Let us know on Instagram here, and we’ll update this article with tips to help keep our dog parks safe, clean, and fun for all.

More about the responsible dog ownership campaign:

Whether you’re a new dog owner, or a seasoned vet, you need some advice, or you can give some advice, our series on responsible dog ownership has one goal in mind - to create more dog-friendly cities. We’re kicking off our series on responsible dog ownership with a focus on dog park etiquette.

Want to help spread this message? Become a Pawtector. You’ll receive the free responsible dog ownership package, including social media templates that you can use to help spread the word with us.

More about GoDoggo:

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