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10 must-have items to pack for your next dog-friendly beach day

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Everything you need to pack in your beach bag to keep your pup safe and comfortable.

Vancouver is blessed with some amazing dog-friendly beaches, and we all know that pups love a beach day just as much as we do during the summer months. Whether it's swimming, rolling around in the sand or playing fetch, a long day at the beach can be real treat for our four-legged friends, but to ensure the trip runs smoothly for you both, there's some planning involved. But don't worry, we've made it easy for you with this list of must-have items to pack in your beach bag to ensure both you and your pup have a fun, safe and happy day together! --- While the extreme heatwave may be over, the weather is still hot so taking summer safety precautions while your pup is in the sun is extremely important. ---

1. Sunscreen for both of you

This goes without saying, sunburn is never fun for anyone, so the same way (hopefully!) you wouldn't go to the beach without packing some sunscreen for yourself, you should also be packing some doggy sunscreen for your pup. Not only is sunburn painful for pups, but using sunscreen specifically formulated for your dog can lower their risk of developing serious sun-related medical issues in the future. It’s vital that you only use formulas that are specifically intended for dogs, so be sure to do your research - you can find some good tips here.

2. Dog Sun Tent

In case all the shady spots are taken, it's best to be prepared and a simple pop-up tent can be a safe haven for your pup when the sun is getting a little too much. And, you can buy compact, foldable versions of these tents that easily pack inside your beach dog.

3. Floating Toys

A fun, floating toy can entertain your pup for hours, so whether it's a flying disc, a floating fetch ball or rubber 'skipping stones', packing a special toy for your pup to enjoy in the water is a great start for a stress-free beach day.

4. Pet Microfiber Towel

If your pup loves to swim, then packing a high quality microfiber is a must. Lightweight, quick drying and gentle on your pup's fur, a microfiber towel will be a dog owner's best friend when playtime is over.

Check out our highly recommended Clean & Cozy towel from GoDoggo Shop that dog owners have been raving about.

5. Snacks for you, and treats for your pup

You wont want to forget food for your beach day, especially if you're going to be there until sunset, so don't forget to pack some tasty and convenient meals and snacks in your beach bag for both you and your pup. We recommend: Beach day meals can still be convenient and still nutritious, but when we don't have lots of planning time, we love the Vegano - a plant-based meal kit delivery service that has all the directions and perfectly portioned ingredients ready for you to make things super simple. As for you pup, they'll be sure to be doing lots of running and playing, so to help keep them energized and reward them for being such a good beach day companion, treat them to some Sit Stay Raw treats and chews!

6. Portable Dog Water Bottle

Hours in the sun means you need to be extra diligent to ensure your pup stays hydrated and drinks enough water throughout the day. There are many portable dog water bottles designed to make this extra easy, with a bowl-like top for your dog to drink from without spills and dribbles.

7. Picnic Blanket or Comfy Chairs

If a beach day is going to be enjoyable, comfort is key so a high quality picnic blanket that's big enough for both you and your pup to lay on, or a good quality outdoor chair that you can sit back and relax on is always essential. We recommend: We love the Lazy Bear collection from KUMA Outdoor Gear, and highly recommend picking up the Lazy Bear Chair for yourself and the Lazy Bear Dog Bed for your pup, so you can be comfortable, and matching!

If you're staying to watch the sunset, we highly recommend Kanata Blanket Co., a Richmond based company, which makes beautiful, cosy wool blankets perfect for cosying up with your furry bestie.

8. Portable Shower

Beaches are great fun, but sand and water don't make a great combination when it comes to keeping your pup clean. Sand gets anywhere, so if you have to get your pup back in the car afterwards, a portable dog shower a great investment.

9. Pet Wipes

If you don't have a portable shower, then packing some grooming dog wipes is a fast and simple solution to cleaning up your pup's coat and paws after hours playing in the sand.

10. Comfy clothing

You'll want to be comfortable for your beach day in an outfit that is ready for adventure and whatever else the day might have in store for you! Whether it's rolling around n the sand with your pup, or playing some frisbee or ball games, comfort is key. We recommend: You can be comfortable and look good at the same time with DUER, whose products combine fashion with function.


While we wouldn't exactly call this a beach essential, the fact that you can now legally drink in some beaches and parks in Vancouver means you can enjoy a nice, cold beer in the sun while your pup relaxes by your side

We recommend: You can't go wrong with choosing a local brewery for your takeout drinks, especially when they are also dog-friendly! We love Camp Beer Co., founded by 100% local ownership with grassroots in the home brewing community and a strong passion for craft beer.


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