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7-month-old puppy killed by two larger dogs at Surrey dog park

Family details "unimaginable loss" after their pup is attacked and killed at local dog park.

7-month-old puppy Odis who was tragically killed by two larger dogs | Photo via Susan Mattu-Birring/Facebook

A Vancouver family has been left "beyond devastated" after their 7-month-old puppy was killed by 2 larger dogs in an Metro Vancouver park.

A Facebook post by the heartbroken owner details the incident which took place on June 7, while she was walking her beloved puppy Odis at Kennedy Dog Park in Surrey at around 11:30am. According to the post, the local dog owner was on the path in the popular Surrey dog park when she encountered a woman with two large dogs. "Everything happened so fast and before I knew it he was attacked and killed by these two large dogs that had broken away from this lady who was walking them," reads the post by Odis' owner Susan Mattu-Birring. "Our poor puppy never had a chance and I watched in horror as Odis was brutalized," she writes, before describing how the unidentified owner of the two larger dogs left the scene, leaving her "there with my lifeless furbaby."

In the heartbreaking post, which has been shared more than 8000 times on the platform, Mattu-Birring details the "unimaginable loss" the local family have suffered, sharing that Odis has been the light of her family's life in the short 4 months that they had him, bringing nothing but happiness to their lives.

"My family and I are beyond devastated and my 3 beautiful children no longer have the puppy they always dreamed of," she writes, before appealing to the public for help in identifying the owner of the two larger dogs.

Photo via Susan Mattu-Birring/Facebook

The devastated family is appealing to anyone has any information regarding the incident to contact the Surrey RCMP or bylaw officers.


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