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Puppies found in "horrifying" conditions and "riddled with parasites" in Vancouver trailer

The BC SPCA are asking for donations for the puppies' emergency care.

Photo | BC SPCA

Two puppies from a litter of seven are in desperate need of donations for their emergency care after being found in "horrifying" conditions in a trailer without food and water.

The chocolate Labrador puppies were rescued by officers from the Vancouver BC SPCA team after being discovered in the trailer with a number of animals with little space and no access to food or water.

After their rescue, vets discovered the tiny puppies' bodies were "riddled with parasites" and two of the bunch - affectionately dubbed Stu and Chuck - needed extra emergency care.

“The puppies were discovered in a trailer running loose with no visible food or water,” says Jodi Dunlop, manager BC SPCA Vancouver. “When they arrived they were lethargic and clearly had been living in an unsanitary home.”

While each of the puppies were dehydrated and had parasites, Chuck and Stu were not eating and were also found to be anaemic.

"When Chuck and Stu arrived with their five other siblings they were lethargic, dehydrated and had clearly been living in an unsanitary home. Their tiny bodies were riddled with parasites, and they were struggling to eat, which is why these two needed extra special medical care", reads the fundraising page for their care.

The pair were rushed to the vet where they underwent 48 hours of emergency care on IV fluids, as well as bloodwork and ultrasounds. One of the pups will require repeat bloodwork due to his severe anaemia.

The fundraising page has outlined a goal of $4,860, which will also cover spaying the pups before they are rehomed, as well as vaccines and deworming. So far, $1,380 has been raised.

“These little pups are adorable,” says Dunlop. “Once they are all feeling better they are going to make great family members.”


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