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Emaciated dog and puppies found abandoned on Vancouver Island

Celeste and her five puppies are now in the care of the BC SPCA.

An emaciated mother dog lies with her puppies in a BC SPCA kennel with blankets
Photo | BC SPCA

The BC SPCA have launched a donation appeal after an emaciated dog and her five tiny puppies were abandoned by their owner.

Two-year-old Celeste was brought into the BC SPCA branch in Nanaimo after being found starving and living outdoors, but is now in the care of a foster family with her pups.

Bonnie Pequin of the BC SPCA in Nanaimo said: “She was living outdoors and starving, but she was obviously doing everything she could to try to feed her puppies and keep them safe. She is such a sweet, loving dog and a very good mother.”

The charity has launched an appeal to raise funds for the care of Celeste and her young puppies - the care of which can amount to more than $430 to get healthy dogs spayed and adopted.

Whilst her puppies will be up for adoption in the New Year, Celeste is now on a strict refeeding diet to introduce nutrients back into her system, as feeding her too much too quickly could cause deadly results.

Her foster guardian said despite her emaciated frame, Celeste sits and waits patiently for her food.

Puppies play together in BC SPCA care
Photo: BC SPCA

She said: “I lay on the floor and she comes over and puts her head on me and just looks at me with the most loving and kind eyes. She is such a good girl!"

According to the charity, Celeste will remain in foster care for another month before she reaches a normal body weight before being spayed and being put up for adoption.

Craig Daniell, CEO of the BC SPCA, said: "Celeste is so inspiring. It's easy to get caught up in the heartbreak, it's much harder to see that this is a win, that love won this little battle. I choose to see that someone cared enough to bring her in, they didn't turn their back on her. I choose to see that there was a shelter where she could seek help."

Pequin added: “We are so thankful that Celeste and her puppies are warm and safe and getting the care that they need this Christmas. No animal should be left out in the cold without food or shelter, especially at this time of year.”

To contribute to Celeste and her puppies' care, donate here.


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