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Puppies abandoned near Port Alberni have now all found loving homes

SPCA staff reveal that all six German Shepherd-cross puppies found neglected near Port Alberni have now been adopted.

Earlier in April, it was reported that six German Shepherd-cross puppies were found abandoned near Port Alberni. This morning, Port Alberni SPCA has confirmed that all six puppies have since been adopted, after an overwhelming response from the community.

Photo of one of six German Shepherd puppies that have been rescued near Port Alberni
One of six German Shepherd-cross puppies that were found near Port Alberni earlier this month. (CTV News)

“They only spent a few days in our kennels until our network of foster families took them in,” a staff member at Port Alberni SPCA tells PawSwap. According to staff, all six of the pups were adopted by individual adopters. Two of the pups went to homes in Port Alberni, one was re-homed in the Lower Mainland, one in the Upper Mainland and two on Vancouver Island. “None of this could have been done without the help of the community,” continues the Port Alberni staff member. “Because of all the medical attention that the pups needed at first, we asked for a medical appeal and got the required funds from the community only a few days later.”

Three of the six abandoned puppies are shown in the state they were found near Port Alberni
Three of the six abandoned puppies are shown in the state they were in when they arrived at the shelter. (BC SPCA / Twitter)

The puppies were believed to be eight weeks old when they were found neglected with a number of serious health issues in a remote area near Port Alberni. The pups captured the hearts of the community when BC SPCA staff revealed that despite the condition they were found in, their tails were still wagging and they remained in good spirits. Port Alberni staff also described the extent of the medical care these pups needed to get them back to good health. “They required baths three times a week, eye drops, ear drops and some other minor medical attention. Four out of six of them have had eye surgery because they had lingering eye infections.”

Despite their rough start in life, all six puppies are now doing well, and are adjusting to their new forever homes. We love a story with a happy ending!


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