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Popular Hikes, Trails, and Parks in Coquitlam


oquitlam has some of the most beautiful outdoor hikes, trails, and parks in all of Metro Vancouver . With over 80 parks, Coquitlam is the perfect combination of urban and green spaces. And while the North Shore generally gets all the glory, Coquitlam rivals it for its picturesque parks, breathtaking mountains, and beautiful scenery.

In this post, we will showcase some of the best outdoor activities that Coquitlam has to offer.

Millar Park

The Millar Park’s off-leash dog area is in the east of the park with plenty of space for your pooch to roam and play. The parking lot is also conveniently located right next to the off-leash area for easy access. Miller Park has two grass playing fields next to Millar Park School and a nature trail across the creek, which leads to an open green space with a baseball diamond. Millar Creek also runs through the park, providing not only a beautiful feature with some drinking water for your dog.

Ridge Park Loop

The Ridge Park Loop is a fun route through a network of trails along the Westwood Plateau. The trail is wide, making it easy enough to follow, but it’s still advisable to bring a map or follow GPS just in case you get lost.

This is also an off-leash trail that dogs love because of the dense tree cover and network of trails. Just be sure to keep your dog close as bears are sometimes seen in the area. Aside from the beauty of the trail, this route also offers some nice views that look out over Coquitlam with the nearby mountains serving as a scenic backdrop.

Bramble Park

In north Coquitlam, Bramble Park is on Westwood Plateau and has breathtaking views of the city. It has a fenced off-leash dog area in the south of the park, just a short walk between Panorama Drive and David Avenue. It’s a large area just beneath the power lines with plenty of room to play a game of fetch. It also has a playground, tennis courts, and basketball court. The Coquitlam Crunch intersects the park which is next on the list.

The Coquitlam Crunch

The Coquitlam Crunch is a popular trail that climbs northward under the large power lines. It’s a great workout to get you and your furry companion ready from some more challenging trails – but make no mistake the Coquitlam Crunch is not for pushovers.

If you start on the left, there are 437 steps which are wider than on the right, where there are 487 steps. But perhaps the best thing about the Coquitlam Crunch is there are little positive sayings along the way which you can read aloud to your dog along the way.

Mundy Park

Mundy Park is one of the most popular parks in Coquitlam and for good reason! In total, there are 178 hectares of parkland and a vast trail system that offers visitors plenty of vantage points all the while surrounded by beautiful trees.

The fenced, off-leash dog area is on the west side of the park, close to Mariner Way and south of Chilko Drive. It has a separate fenced area for large dogs and one for smaller dogs. If you are coming from the Chilko parking area, it’s about a 3 to 5-minute walk. The dog area is open from dusk to dawn, and dogs are also allowed to run off-leash from dawn to 10am daily on designated trails. Dogs must be on-leash after 10 am in all areas of the park.

The park has a 5-kilometre walkway that encircles the park and can be completed on foot in about an hour. Shorter walks on the interior trails will guide visitors on a scenic loop around Mundy Lake or to the viewing benches at Lost Lake.

Leigh Park

Next to Leigh Elementary School, Leigh Park has a designated, fully fenced dog area for both large and small dogs, giving your furry companions plenty of space to run and play. Street parking is available on Soball Street. For other activities, there is a fantastic biking skills course and an open picnic area. This park is enjoyed by locals all year round.

Glen Park

Glen Park offers a beautiful and scenic green space right in the heart of the downtown core. At the entry, there is a plaza with seating, a picnic area and green spaces to get together with your friends and family.

The off-leash dog area has a fenced-in area with large trees, logs to sit on, and a separate section for large and small dogs. You can get to the off-leash dog area either from Westwood or Pipeline Street.

Coquitlam River Park

With a round trip of 9.8 kilometers and 165 acres of municipal parkland, the Coquitlam River Trail is the longest outing on our list. But despite its length, it’s fairly flat with scenic spots along the way, making it perfect to take your dog on a longer walk.

The trail runs along the Coquitlam River and connects to both the Canada Trail and the PoCo Trail if you want to explore the area further. There is the occasional bear along the trail so keep your dog close and always be alert. To return to the carpark, simply retrace your steps along the trail or follow the loop back around.


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