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PawSwap Debunked

We've been asked time and time again, How exactly do points work?

Well, we're here to tell ya (along with some other useful info on how PawSwap works)! Here are all of the most common questions asked my our members, INCLUDING explaining how our Pay-It-Forward model (aka Points program) works!

What is PawSwap?

PawSwap helps you say goodbye to guilt!

By developing a platform that allows you to create and customize your trusted list of pet sitters and friends, and introducing our own Pay-It-Forward Points system, finding a lending hand nearby has never been easier, or more affordable.

Okay cool, but how exactly does it work?

We're going to keep it super simple for you. Here's THREE steps on how to get started on the PawSwap App!

1) Create your profile

Work from home and want a pal for your pup? Or, need someone to watch your dog while you’re on vacay? Tell others what you’re looking for and what you can offer via your profile!

2) Customize your "Pack"

Find your friends, find your neighbours, find that person you met at the dog park last weekend! Add them all as a Friend on the app! Now you've got your trusted Pack that you can continue to grow.

PS: You can find new friends by messaging owners in your neighbourhood that you'd like to meet. Connect by asking them to join you at the next PawSwap meet-up or organize your own doggy date!

3) Start swapping!

Respond to requests that come in and send out requests whenever you need a hand. Use Points to keep track - no need to worry about who owes who!

How do you know you can trust the people on the network?

You don't. Bet you didn't expect that from us ;).

Okay, here's the lowdown. The people in your Pack are NOT strangers. You build your Pack based on neighbours in the PawSwap network that you've met, friends you know, dog owners you've spoken to at a PawSwap meet-up, or even people at a bar you've met a few times, but always forgot what their name was so you add them as a Friend on the PawSwap App, because they're friends of friends and you've seen them out a million get the idea.

You already trust these people! You know these people. You like these people!

Now, whenever you need a hand, you just send ONE message, which notifies everyone in your Pack (created by YOU). Whoever takes care of your pup earns Points!

Now, our favourite topic... Points! How the heck do they work?

We LOVE professional pet sitters. But, we know you can't always afford a professional pet sitter every day of the week. So, maybe you decide to leave your dog alone, not go on that vacation you planned, or you just bring your dog wherever you go (do "no dogs allowed" signs even exist? 🤷🏽‍♀️).

Insert PawSwap Points!

Option 1: Earn Points

You earn Points by replying to your trusted Pack when they need a hand! Your dog gets a buddy to play with, and you earn Points!

Option 2: Spend Points

You use those Points towards pet sitting for your own dog. Voila! Your pet sitting just became FREE. 1 Point equals 1 hour, but don't worry about that. We do the math for you 😉.


You decide to spend them on products for your pup, like a BarkBox Super Chewer or a discount on your favourite dog shampoo!

You purchase Points from us, which you can use for pet sitting for your pup. (They are only $1/point!).

What's a PawSwap meet-up?

PawSwap meet-ups are a great way to meet new friends and grow your Pack! They're either planned by our meet-up ambassadors (usually your neighbours who live close by), OR they're planned by PawSwap. Come on down to our next one and find new friends to add to your Pack!

Well, can’t I just text someone instead of using the app?

Yes! Of course. But, wouldn't you rather send one message to everyone in your trusted Pack of Friends for a hand vs. messaging each friend individually? And, wouldn't it be easier to just use Points (which you earned for helping another Friend out), vs. money, or needing to grab a $20 bottle of wine? Knowing that your Friends can use those Points towards pet sitting (or whatever THEY want to buy within the app) will give you peace of mind!

Whats the deal with PawSwap? How did it start?

Our story began with our founder, Aliya, and her dog Russell. If you're anything like her, then you understand the torturous daily routine of saying goodbye to your dog before leaving for your 8 to 10 hour work day. Closing the door behind your best friend, and seeing those puppy dog eyes is not only painfully hard, but it can lead to dogs developing anxiety, depression. and/or destructive behaviour.

She knew there had to be a solution, and PawSwap was born.

When you join the PawSwap community you'll meet your neighbours and find new friends that can lend a hand when you're in a bind! Reward whoever helps with Points, which you earn from helping other Neighbour's out.

It's Pay-it-forward at its finest!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the PawSwap App, and start creating your Pack of trusted pet sitters and friends that you can rely on, last minute, with the push of a button!


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