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New Waterless Shampoo, Made By Canadian Company, Redefines Bath Time For Your Dog.

As the temperature heats up and most play time now happens outside (probably in the sand or dirt!), there’s one thing all dog parents are all too familiar with: a less-than-fresh pup! From muddy paws to unpleasant odours, there’s only one solution: a doggie bath!

If you’re cringing just thinking about dunking your adorable dog in the bath, you're not alone. After all, the slippery surface to the unfamiliar and intimidating sound of the faucet, baths and showers can be frightening to the bravest pups, who's to blame you!

A new waterless shampoo company in Canada redefines bath-time for you and your dog.

Eco-Pet Shower's Waterless Pet Shampoo formula is enhanced through nanotechnology.

This future science works at the smallest possible scale known to life allowing for complete elimination of bacteria, dirt, and mineral deposits hidden deep inside your pet's fur.

The unique technology allows for the most efficient wash that even outperforms chemicals. This revolutionary formula has all the features needed, and more, in one bottle. And, the best part, it eliminates the constant need for bath time with your dog.

This chemical-free soap is pH balanced, non-steroidal and rinses with exceptional ease.

This is the healthiest innovation in skin care for all pets. Nanotechnology requires less solution amount and accomplishes better results than your traditional pet products.

Option between unscented or scented with a completely natural lavender essential oil.

The Waterless Shampoo takes away the need for bath-time hassles!

If your pet was recently bathed and got themselves dirty after a walk, made a mess, or simply can not be washed, the product can be applied directly to your dog without bathing them.

Another Eco-Pet Shower product that helps End the Bath-Time Battle

Before your pup enjoys some fun in the sun, use Eco-Pet Shower Natural Tick & Flea to keep any creepy crawlies off your precious pup. This all-natural product uses nanotechnology to keep fleas, ticks, insects, and bacteria from hitching a ride on your dog. This can eliminate the need for an emergency ‘oh-my-goodness… was that a flea on my dog?” shower. The elimination of bacteria also reduces any unpleasant smells and reduces the frequency of showers your dog may need!

No matter how much waterless shampoo or natural tick & flea products, bath-time can't be cut out of your dogs life for good. For moments where you actually do need to give your pup a good wash, following the steps below will make bath-time a little easier for you (you can thank us later)!

How to Make Bath Time a Breeze Rather than a Battle

While Eco-Pet Shower products will effectively clean up your pup quickly and effectively, or help eliminate the need for bath-time immediately after a day at the dog park, getting your dog into the bath may be a bit tougher. Here are our steps to help make bath time more of a spa day than a hassle:

1. Plan in advance and begin bringing your dog into the bathroom or shower area a few times per day before bath time. Give your furball high value treats to help build a positive association with the area. Some owners even smear a little peanut butter on the tub and let their pups lick it off to make the bathroom the best place to be!

2. Check the shampoo you are using. A lot of shampoos have very icky ingredients that can harm your pup or smell too strongly for their sensitive (and adorable!) noses.

3. Tire your pup out first. Take your doggo for a long walk. If your dog lives for fetch or doggie paddling, go for it! Letting your pup burn extra energy before bath time can make the process a lot smoother.

4. Brush your dog before bath time. This helps work out any mats, adding water will make them seem impossible to remove.

5. Have everything ready to go. Shampoo, towel, treats: have them in hand so you aren’t leaving your pup wet in the tub (queue dog jumping out of the bath and shaking everywhere).

6. Use a leash if you have to. Slipping on tile or the tub when you turn your back can make a dog panic even more and be a safety hazard.

7. Don’t lose your cool if your pup isn’t feeling it. Like so many other things, your dog will feed off your energy. So positive vibes only!

8. Soak then suds. Get your pup completely wet first and then shampoo. This is more effective in getting your pup nice and clean.

9. Use positive encouragement throughout tubby-time and reward your pup! Make bath time fun.

10. Understand that scent isn't always the best. In fact, most dogs dislike the smell of shampoo. Mint, pine, citrus just aren’t as appealing to pups as stinky socks.

We connected with the Founder, Franco, and got all the details on Eco-Pet Shower.

Q. How did Eco-pet start?

A. Our story starts when my girlfriend and I bought our dog Milo and realized that there are no products which are completely plant and water based and with a super gentle formula, since he was a puppy. Basically, instead of something with a strong smell, we wanted something gentle, natural, and that works!

Soon afterwards, I also realized that I would get allergic reactions to Milo, so our products had to be hypo-allergenic.

Q. What is your background before starting Eco-Pet Shower?

A. I studied Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University. My co-founder (my father) always wanted to be a veterinarian. Once we realized there was a strong need for our product, we tried relentlessly to come up with the solution.

Q. Tell us, in your opinion, what's the hardest part about bathing a pet?

A. Getting them in! Especially for pets which do not like water (notably cats and small dogs).

Q. How does Eco-Pet Shower make this process easier?

A. Our Waterless Shampoo takes away the need for bath-time hassles! If your pet was recently bathed and got themselves dirty, made a mess, or simply can not be washed, our product can be applied directly to your furry friends without bathing them. Just apply thoroughly against their hair grain and onto the skin and let dry (or lightly dry with a towel if necessary - such as small pets) !

Q. What is unique about Eco-Pet Shower?

A. Our product uses an advanced and completely biodegradable and natural nano technology to attack oils and get the job done safely and efficiently. We believe that sticking to the basics is essential and really.. all that is necessary. Even our Pet Shampoo does not have any chemicals to lather and foam but instead, we simply use a foaming pump bottle system.

Q. How many products do you offer?

A. Eco-Pet Shower offer four products all using the same nano technology: Waterless Shampoo, Pet Shampoo, Stain & Odor, and Tick & Flea.

Q. Tell us more about what is in your products and why they work so well:

A. Our product uses a completely natural and advanced nano technology to attack oils and get the job done safely and efficiently. Our simple ingredients, which are plant-based enzymes, nano-particles and minerals, make it easy for our customers to understands and its that process and simplicity which make our products unique and effective.

We also offer a non-medicated Tick & Flea which works to flush and rid of Ticks and Fleas as the nano technology attacks the chitin in the insect shells which is a biodegradable material and undergoes biodegradation by enzymes which is a base ingredient found in our formula.

Q. What does Eco-Pet Shower have in store for the future?

A. We are millennials passionate about our pets and as an engineer, I believe that the environment and sustainability is a major concern. My product had to help both our pets and our environment. As our company expands, we plans to release many new all-natural, biodegradable products such as bird bath shampoo, pet ear cleaner, etc.

Anything else you'd like for us to know about your company:

Our products are natural, hypoallergenic, chemical-free (free of sulfates and parabens), biodegradable, cruelty free, vegan with no animal by-products, and we test them on ourselves!

With Eco-Pet Shower, you’re saving the planet one bath at a time!

So, put on those goggles, prep your dog’s rubber ducky, and make your dog’s bath time a blast with Eco-Pet Shower and our step to make bath time a breeze! Happy summer!


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