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New North Vancouver park to include fenced dog park with fountains and boulders

The new space just behind Lonsdale Avenue should be completed in Winter 2022.

Photo: City of North Vancouver

The dogs of North Vancouver are set to get a new dog park, complete with a water fountain and boulders for pups to play on.

The City of North Vancouver has revealed plans for the park after two public consultations to decide what the new space at 1600 Eastern Avenue will look like.

The site sits one road back from busy Lonsdale Avenue, a stone’s throw from Loblaws and Tim Hortons, and was implemented after the city decided all North Vancouverites should have a green space or public open area within 5 minutes of their home.

The 0.2 hectare of land will feature a fenced dog area with a water fountain, play boulders, double gated entry and pollinator gardens to frame the edges.

The main space will feature a large, covered circular trellis with hammocks and porch swings hanging beneath, an in-ground trampoline, a circular green lawn and a lush canopy of trees that will frame the park.

The new fenced dog park is set to be completed by the end of 2022 | City of North Vancouver

During the consultation, the initial plan for an area for dogs was a dog “rest stop”, a much smaller area than the decided dog park which North Vancouverites branded as “absolutely useless” that dogs would not go into on command.

However, the public liked the new concept of the dog park in stage two of the consultation, with several commenters saying the area would be a “necessity” and that current parks in the city do not offer dog areas for owners with families to enjoy.

Work on the new park is set to begin in Winter 2022, with completion of the project scheduled for the end of the year.


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