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Could your dog be the face of this Canadian pet app?

PawSwap is looking for pups across Canada to be the stars of future campaigns and have their photo appear all over their home cities.

Do you have a photogenic pup that is born to be a star? If you love nothing more than taking adorable photos of your pup while out and about in your area, it's time to choose your favourites as this country-wide model search to find the new faces of a Canadian pet app is already open. PawSwap, a Vancouver-based app designed to help dog owners find all the dog-friendly locations in their areas, is looking for local pups to star in promotional campaigns across their home cities, and submissions are already flooding in. Local pups are often featured on the company's social media pages, but when planning began for some exciting upcoming projects to highlight dog-friendly locations in major cities across Canada, the PawSwap team decided that they wanted real, local pups to represent their brand. "We have created such a great community of local dogs who love to share their experiences at dog-friendly locations with us, so we believe that using those pups and their photos is the most genuine way to showcase PawSwap and what we stand for as a company," says Carly Bennett, Marketing Manager at PawSwap. Whether it's on flyers at dog-friendly businesses, posters, the PawSwap website, or featuring on the app's popular Instagram account, the team want to showcase local dogs and have them be the stars of their promo materials.

PawSwap app is available in all major cities across Canada and acts as a dog-friendly city guide, making planning days with your pup easier than ever. The app shows all dog-friendly locations in your area, and exactly what you can and your dog can expect at the locations, with listed dog-friendly details and reviews from fellow dog owners. PawSwap is already accepting submissions via its website, and all the details about this Model Search and how to submit your own photo can be found there. "Community is so important to us here at PawSwap, and we love showcasing and celebrating our adorable local dogs. To be able to have local pups representing our brand across their city, and highlighting local dog-friendly businesses at the same time is something we're really excited about," explains Bennett. "All images used on promotional materials will be credited, so for all those amazing doggy Instagram accounts this is also a great opportunity to gain exposure!" Think your pup has what it takes? Be sure to submit your favourite images today, and Bennett has some tips on how to stand out. "We are open to all sorts of images! But to help increase your chances of being picked high-quality, clear photos work best. As well as photos of your pups in or outside their favourite dog-friendly businesses."

Find more information and details on submitting your photos on the Model Search website here.


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