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New concept for Yaletown dog park renewal has been revealed

Proposed design for Coopers' Park off-leash area includes agility and water features, and separate zone for shy pups.

Proposed layout for Coopers' Park renewal | Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board

The proposed concept for the renewal of a popular Yaletown dog park has been revealed, and dogs owners are being asked to share their opinions.

Earlier this month, OhMyDog! reported that Vancouver dog owners were being given the chance to help shape the future of a local off-leash dog area this Spring by taking part in an online survey until April 6, 2021.

The proposed plans for the off-leash dog area revealed this week shows just some of the possibilities for improvements, including fun new agility features such as tunnels, ramps, poles, and other custom-designed equipment.

Dog owners can have their say on what features are most important to them | Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board
Locals can take the survey today | Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board

The scenic off-leash dog park, located east of the Cambie Street Bridge alongside the Seawall, is already a popular choice with Downtown dog parents due to it's handy location, beautiful views and spacious grassy area, perfect for playful pups.

And if the new concept is anything to go by, playful pups are going to be very pleased with the changes, as water play features, open areas for fetch and running and a designated sand digging area have all been included.

If your pup is a little shyer, you're also in luck as the proposed design also includes an separate area for shy dogs, as well as covered areas for pups who don't enjoy the rain.

The Park Board is asking locals to give their opinions on all the ideas they've shared, including their options for seating and a range of surfaces. The full proposed design can be found here.

Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board
Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board

In addition to the proposed improvements to the existing off-leash area, following design guidelines from the People, Parks and Dogs Strategy, the fitness area and playground at Coopers' Park will also be upgraded, as well as adding a new washroom, drinking fountain and safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. The final design and construction timeline will depend on the public's feedback and the decisions that follow.

Future Plans

The People, Parks & Dogs strategy provides a framework for the next 10 years and beyond, to deliver well-planned and designed parks that accommodate park users with and without dogs and minimize conflict.

According to the strategy, field studies show that most of the time, people without dogs outnumbered people with dogs at most off-leash areas in Vancouver, and that 74% of Vancouver residents surveyed report having mostly positive or neutral interactions with off-leash dogs in parks.

The strategy also revealed some of the things currently working well in Vancouver's off-leash areas. These include building communities, clear boundaries, providing fenced options and grass surfacing in larger, less-intensively used areas, while challenges include managing dog waste, off-leash activity in on-leash areas, and managing noise.

To have your say, be sure to take part in the survey, which will run until April 6, 2021 and is available here.


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