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9 picturesque Vancouver dog parks to visit this Spring

These 9 parks are the perfect place to enjoy the brighter evenings and warmer weather with your pup.

Spring is a beautiful time of year, and although it doesn't officially start until March 20, the warmer days and brighter evenings are already here, and with them comes the perfect reason to get outdoors with your pup and explore.

With mountain views, the city skyline, colourful flowers and cherry blossoms, Vancouver offers a stunning backdrop this time of year, and who better to enjoy it with than our furry friends?

These 9 Vancouver dog parks are particularly picturesque this time of year, so if you need some inspo for your next dog walk, look no further.

1. Queen Elizabeth Park

This picturesque park is stunning all year round, but with the vibrant flowers and cherry blossoms in full bloom next month, Spring is a particularly great time to visit with your pup.

At 152m above sea level, the highest point of the city, the park has some amazing views of Vancouver, and although your dogs won't care much about the views, they'll love being by your side as you explore the gardens and walking trails.

There's also a large off-leash area next to the tennis courts on 37th Avenue if your pup wants to burn off some extra energy!

Address: 4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash

2. Stanley Park

With lush greenery, water and beaches, Stanley Park is the perfect place to walk your dog in the Spring sunshine, and taking your pup at this time of year is a great way to remind yourself why its one of Vancouver's most famous attractions.

With 1,001-acres to explore, at any point along your dog walk you can expect a beautiful backdrop, and with longer Spring evenings coming in, this is a perfect spot for your after work stroll.

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash

3. Charleson Park

If you love a city skyline at sunset, this is a great spot for an evening stroll with your pup in Spring. This park has fantastic views of False Creek, and opens to striking views of the downtown shoreline making it the perfect place to stop off if you've been walking along the Seawall.

If your dog loves splashing and getting muddy, then they will love the waterfall pond area - and there's also a grassy area to play some fetch. The waterfall pond off-leash hours are all day from October to May, and owners are reminded to ensure any curious pups keep out of the duck pond! Address: 999 Charleson Street, Vancouver, BC

Dogs Allowed: Off-Leash

4. Lighthouse Park

Nature, views, water and history, Lighthouse Park has them all, and is a great option for a Spring evening walk - especially if you love capturing adorable photos of your pup, as the photo opportunities here are endless. Located in West Vancouver at the entrance of the Burrard Inlet, Lighthouse Park offers a large network of trails winding through beautiful old-growth forest down to the historic lighthouse on the water.

You can chill out with your pup on one of the rocky outcrops on the ocean shore and take in the stunning views of the Salish Sea, downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park before heading back.

Address: 4902 Beacon Ln, West Vancouver, BC Dogs Allowed: Off-Leash

5. David Lam Park

This park is perhaps at its most picturesque in the Spring season as it's home to 100 Akebono cherry blossom trees, planted in 2010 to commemorate the Olympics. The grassy expanse of David Lam Park is a refreshing green space with beautiful views of False Creek that both you and your pup will love - just remember to keep them on leash.

It's never too early for a picnic, so just wait for a sunny Spring day, wrap up warm, grab a blanket and bring your pup to this beautiful Yaletown gem.

Address: 1300 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash

6. Devonian Harbour Park

Located north of Denman and West Georgia, the vast lawns at this park make it a favourite amongst many Vancouver pups - especially those with lots of energy! As for humans, on a sunny afternoon this is an ideal spot to grab a blanket, relax and enjoy the views of Coal Harbour.

The grassy areas lead to a little rocky beach that’s perfect for your pooch to take a refreshing dip after all those long games of fetch.

Address: 1929 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC

Dogs Allowed: Off-Leash

7. Spanish Banks Off-Leash Dog Park

Who doesn't love the beach, especially on a sunny afternoon?! This dog park really is the best of both worlds, and is just as much fun for humans as it is for our pups. There's a sprawling sandy beach where you can relax while your pup burns off some energy splashing in the ocean, or if your dog prefers, they can run up and down the long expanses of grass while you take in the stunning views.

It's also connected to some beautiful trails in Pacific Spirit Park if you want a longer walk before heading home!

Address: 4767-, 4783 NW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC

Dogs Allowed: Off-Leash

8. New Brighton Park

This Park is located in the Hasting-Sunrise area, on the west-side of the Second Narrows Bridge and offers a large, fenced-in expanse of grass that active dogs will love, and stunning views that their owners will love just as much.

There is also beach access if your pup likes to paddle, while you can take in some captivating views of the North Shore, Burrard Inlet, and the grain elevators of Cascadia Terminals.

Address: 3201 New Brighton Rd, Vancouver, BC

Dogs Allowed: Off-Leash

9. Sunset Beach Park

A smaller beach/park in the Downtown West End, the name says it all. There are amazing sunset views in the evening, and you can enjoy the boats drifting in and out of False Creek. With Spring time comes longer, brighter evenings, meaning you have time to get to this park after work without missing the stunning sunsets.

The park is usually occupied with well-mannered pups and nice people to enjoy the sun and water with.

Address: 1204 Beach Avenue (@ Bute Street), Vancouver, BC

Dogs Allowed: Off-Leash


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