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New colourful wiener dog mural brightens up Yaletown

Yaletown BIA unveils huge new wiener dog mural on Hamilton Street created by Vancouver artist - and you can help name the colourful pup

Mural by Lukas Lundberg (@lukeart_046) Photo courtesy of the Yaletown Business Improvement Association

A very colourful new wiener dog mural painted on steps in Yaletown has been grabbing a lot of attention this week.

The giant mural on Hamilton Street, created by popular Vancouver painter and FX artist Lukas Lundberg, was unveiled as part of Yaletown Business Improvement Association’s Staircase Art Project, and locals are being given the chance to name the ‘ginormous pupper’ on social media.

After the reaction to the stunning murals painted on the city’s boarded-up storefronts during COVID-19, Yaletown BIA wanted to invite those same artists back for a more lasting art piece.

“Lukas is well known for his animal portraits seen around the city, and since Yaletown is famous for the many small dogs that live here, we wanted something fun and interactive that would bring a smile to the faces of those that saw it,” explains the Yaletown Business Improvement Association.

“Our members have been keen to see murals in Yaletown for many years now, and we noticed that the stairs of our raised walkways make a great canvas. With our businesses slowly reopening, we wanted to have some beautiful art to welcome everyone back. "Two long days of painting later, and we have our newest addition to the neighbourhood.”

Lukas working on the mural on Hamilton Street. Photo Credit: Erich Saide (@erichsaide)

You may recognize Lukas’ work from his stunning murals on local storefronts as part of this year’s Van City Mural Festival. (Check out his work featured in our previous article: Vancouver dog selfies celebrate stunning Robson Street murals)

"If I were to choose a name myself, I think I'd call him Taxen, as that's the wiener dog in Swedish," says the mural's artist Lukas Lundberg, who is originally from Sweden. “Yaletown BIA reached out a few weeks ago and told me about this staircase art project. We met up and they showed me the space, and then I sent them a design suggestion.”

“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m very glad people seem to like it. It was also a pleasure painting there, people were very nice - especially the Yaletown BIA folks,” adds Lundberg.

As it stands, the giant dog is still nameless, but Yaletown BIA has been running a contest on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages in partnership with Sumni, the owner of VanPet Yaletown (1065 Hamilton St) to find the perfect name.

"The selected winner will receive a giant dog gift basket assembled by Sunmi herself. We will select a name from all our current social media channels so stay tuned!", the Yaletown BIA adds.


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