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Make real connections that you can count on...

Attending a PawSwap Meet-Up is the first step in creating new friendships with your neighbours so you can increase your circle of trusted pet sitters and friends that can help you with your pup. We know the people who you trust the most with your dog (along with professional pet sitters) are friends and family, so expanding your network of friends is exactly what we help with!

So, what is a PawSwap meet-up, and how does it differ from other meet-ups?

When you meet people through PawSwap you can start the friendship with one thing in common already...the love for dogs! Meet-ups aren't just a great way for you to meet other owners face-to-face, but also for your dog to see what four-legged buddies THEY want to meet, play with, and hang out with. Meet-up’s usually take place in public dog parks, so it’s open for both existing members and people visiting the park, but also to share the PawSwap mission to those who haven’t heard of us. That’s where Meet-up Ambassador’s come in!

Why Become A Meet-up Ambassador?

So, is becoming a Meet-up ambassador for you? We connected with some of our current ambassadors to find out why they joined. If you can relate to one or more of these, than becoming a Meet-up Ambassador might be perfect for you!

1) You’ve just moved to your city and you want to find new friends and increase your network of reliable dog owners and sitters.

2) Your dog loves other dogs, and you want more dogs for them to play with at the park! No more empty dog parks!

3) You work from home, and want a playmate for your dog while you work: or, vice versa! If you work from home, you know how lonely your pup can get. With PawSwap,

4) You have a lot of neighbours in your building with dogs and want to bring them all together! With the easy pay-it-forward model, you can use points to exchange pet sitting.

It's Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Picture this, going to a dog park, having your pup play with a bunch of new doggy friends, getting to make a ton of new dog owning friends, and sharing with them an option that allows them to get pet sitting for FREE.

PawSwap makes it easy for you. We plan the Meet-Ups, send out the invites, and advertise it on the app. Our Meet-up Ambassadors just message neighbours via the app to encourage people to show up. Then, just show up to the meet-up! You'll get to hand out cool dog bandanas (which is also a great ice breaker!), and give a brief run down of what PawSwap is to whoever you strike up a convo with. When handing out your personalized PawSwap codes, remind dog owners there is a code that offers new members free points to start. For every member that uses your card, BAM, points for you too (coming soon)!

All The Answers

We know it can be intimidating to host a meet-up, that’s why we’ve come up with the most common questions/concerns that you may have!

“I’m scared of hosting a meet-up alone!”

You’re never alone at a meet-up! Two ambassadors will always be present for a meet-up!

“How many meet-ups do I have to plan?”

No need to plan any meet-ups, just let us know which ones you can attend and all you have to do is show up!

"I don't think I have a enough time to commit to being a meet-up ambassador"

Meet-ups are only ever an hour, so just think of it like taking your pup for a walk, but actually guaranteeing your pup gets a good run with lots of other doggy friends!

“What are some common questions I may be asked, and how do I answer them?

Q. Hey, I see all these dogs wearing bandanas, is there an event going on?”

A. This is a great moment to explain that PawSwap holds monthly Meet-ups for dogs and owners to meet and that we are a community-based app that connects owners to exchange pet sitting for sitting for their own dog, or great rewards such as BarkBox Super Chewers!

Q. I’ve seen something similar, what makes PawSwap different?

A. This is always our favourite question to answer because it’s so fun telling owners about the unique benefits of PawSwap. First off, let's start with the trust factor! PawSwap gives you the opportunity to meet face to face, have your dogs play off-leash, and really get to know someone new (cause you can’t always trust online reviews!). Second, convenience! With PawSwap, unlike daycares (which we still believe are great options for your pup) there is no open or closing time. Just find a new friend that has a schedule that fits with yours. And finally money, which always seems to shock people. PawSwap can be completely free! Because it runs off a pay-it-forward model, if you return the favour, having your pet babysat can be at no cost. Even if you can’t return the favour, you can purchase points through the app (1 point = 1 hour of sitting).

Q. Well, can’t I just text someone instead of using the app?

A. Explaining to new members points may be the hardest part, but it’s super straight forward! When finding a new sitter, or even asking a new friend for a favour there, is always guilt associated. Even when you offer to pay them and they say “no, don’t worry about it!”. Que the worrying! Whether you then get them a bottle of wine, grab them lunch, or now feel the need to watch their dog in return, you still feel like you owe them something. When you use the PawSwap app you can say goodbye to guilt. We take care of rewarding your pet sitter by giving them points from you. If they watch your pup for 5 hours, they now have 5 points to use in our rewards sections where they can get discounts on treats, accessories, food, and more!

Interested in becoming a Meet-Up Ambassador? We’re launching our new program in just a few days, Download PawSwap and you’ll be notified once our ambassador program officially launches!


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