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Local yoga instructor and dog lover, Emily Lee, shares the benefits of doing yoga with your pup.

We all know that yoga is great for your body and mind. But did you know that there’s also benefits of doing yoga with your pup?

Emily Lee, the instructor for our Poses & Pups yoga event, started researching the benefits of dog yoga when she saw how much her sister’s dog wanted to get involved every time she got her mat out.

Emily Lee with her pup

“Literally, every time I would bring my yoga mat out in my house, my sister’s little Yorkie would come over and sit on it, and not leave my side,” laughs Emily.

“Biggie was always there straight away and wanted to sit on my mat while I worked out. So, I started involving him in stretches and giving him kisses when I was in downward dog, and he loved it.” 

Before long, Emily starting involving Biggie in her routines, and researching why he was enjoying it so much.

Emily Lee kissing her pup

“When we practice yoga, we are in a very calm state and dogs love being around that energy.” explains Emily.

“Dogs take on our energy and feed off it. Our pups want to calm our anxiety and stresses so it makes sense that they want to be around us when we’re in that relaxed state. And it’s a great way to release any tension they might have too!”

Emily, a very popular yoga instructor in Vancouver, was very excited to get involved in our Poses & Pups event as she loves dogs and she can’t wait to lead the first class this Sunday.

“I’m super excited! I’ve been doing lesson plans for Biggie and I for a couple of years now so I can’t wait to show other local dog owners how fun it can be!” Emily tells us.

Emily Lee doing yoga

Not only is yoga fun for your dog, but it’s also a great bonding experience for you both, giving you an opportunity to be completely in tune with each other away from the many distractions of daily life.

Emily agrees telling us, “It’s such a great way to spend proper quality time with each other with no distractions. It’s also great exercise for you both and something a little different from the usual playing fetch!” 

Another benefit of ‘doga’ is the socialization it offers for our pups. They can spend time bonding with other dogs in a calm, relaxing environment at an event especially for them.

If you want to give dog yoga a go but are new to yoga in general – not to worry. 

“My teaching style is very sustainable and is all about making sure you are comfortable and not intimidated! Emily assures us. “Absolute beginners are welcome and I guarantee you and your pup will have a great time!”

Our first ‘Poses & Pups’ event this Sunday is sold out, but be sure to get your tickets for February here as they are already selling fast!



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