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Local rescue shares why Vancouver has seen a spike in dog adoptions during COVID-19

Applications for Vancouver dog adoption have tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With people spending more time at home than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vancouver dog adoption has reached a huge spike.

Since March, About A Dog Rescue Society has seen adoption applications triple for each of their dogs, and a large increase in applications for fostering.

Mike Edwards, President and Co-Founder of the Vancouver-based rescue society, believes a major factor in the increase of adoptions is people having more time to think about what really matters.

"As people are spending so much time together as a family or in self-isolation, it's given them time, and the perspective, to see the benefits a dog, or any pet, can add to your life," explains Edwards.

"Through adoption and foster requests, we can see the realization of how much companionship and love a dog can bring you. Short term fostering to help give a dog the opportunity to have a family, or opening their home to them for their full lives truly brings so much joy," he adds.

"I'm hoping we see this continuing realization of just how much dogs enhance our lives."

With the surge of interest in Vancouver dog adoptions and the restrictions placed on services during the COVID-19 pandemic, local rescue agencies like About A Dog have had to work quickly to adjust the adoption process, ensuring safety protocols are followed.

Edwards tells PawSwap that, although there were some difficulties initially with the restrictions, they have been able to find a safe solution, and provide many dogs with new, loving homes during the pandemic.

"The self-isolation and social distancing measures have definitely slowed down our process as we meet face-to-face with each family, or person, we shortlist to adopt," he explains.

"We've used Zoom and other sites to at least communicate visually and we've also been lucky to have adopters who are happy to be patient with the process, as finding the perfect match is still the objective."

About A Dog isn't the only rescue that has seen a spike in dog adoptions during COVID-19.

The BC SPCA's mid-March 50% off adoption offer was a huge success, with their spokesperson Lorie Chortyk telling Global News that 300 animals found loving homes in just five days.

Edwards, who co-founded About a Dog Rescue Society back in 2018, believes that, although adoptions may take a little longer than usual for the time being, many more dogs will find their forever home in the coming weeks.

"The restrictions have been made easier by everyone understanding that we are all in the same position and once you go through our process, you know it's not about rushing it," he explains. "It's about finding the perfect forever home."


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