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Local pups react to 'first ever' Christmas song made especially for dogs

Watch cute Vancouver pups react to 'Raise the Woof!' - the 'world's first' Christmas song created for dogs, based on scientific research.

Your pups can officially get in the holiday spirit this year with the 'first ever' Christmas song made exclusively for them.

Raise the Woof!, a song claiming to be the world's first Christmas track created especially for our our-legged friends has just been released, and the hilarious reactions from dogs are already circulating online.

Created based on scientific research into the ways dogs interact with sound and with input from animal behaviourists, the song is designed to appeal to pups and get their tails wagging this holiday season.

By using a reggae beat and sounds of bells, squeaky toys and owners' instructions - all tested on a very cute dog focus group - Raise the Woof! aims to illicit a response from listening pups.

"Signs that dogs are enjoying the track include alertness, trying to discover where the sounds are coming from, head cocking, or moving their ears to get a better listen, as well as tails wagging," said Tails, the dog food company behind the song.

Curious if your dog will like it? Have a listen and find out!

Local pups react

Some Vancouver dog owners have shared the reactions of their pups hearing the song for the first time, with some definitely looking more impressed than others!

Justin was definitely curious...

Louie and Ella had very vocal reactions...

Mooncake was also very excited by the track...

The song certainly got Rizzo's attention...

Russell showed some signs of enjoying the track...

Olive wasn't as impressed...

We'd love to see your dog's reaction too! Film your pup, post on your Instagram story and be sure to tag @pawswapapp in your video so we can share them on our page!


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