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Help the BC SPCA name these 11 adorable pups

These cute puppies will be ready for adoption later this summer, but you can help name all 11 of them now through this puppy naming contest.

If you're an expert at choosing the perfect names for dogs, then this contest is for you. The BC SPCA needs help with finding not just one, but 11 names to suit this adorable litter of pups before they are ready to adopt. To make it a little more challenging for even the most accomplished dog namers out there, all names must fit into a theme.

Sakura feeding her litter of pups
Sakura feeding her litter of pups. Photo: BC SPCA

The puppies were born to Sakura, a two-year-old German Shepherd cross, who came into BC SPCA’s care in June after being surrendered by her owner. When Sakura was brought in, the owner was unaware that she was pregnant and believed she was spayed. However, soon after Sakura’s arrival, she started acting strangely and after a quick veterinarian check, it was determined she was pregnant.

On June 30, just two weeks later, she gave birth to 12 puppies but in a heartbreaking turn, one of her puppies quietly passed away shortly after birth.

Thankfully, 11 healthy and extremely cute puppies survived (7 males and 4 females) and you can help the BC SPCA choose the perfect names for each of them - and judging by the hundreds of comments and shares on their Facebook post, there will be lots of competition.

The contest will ask you to indicate a theme and the names you suggest with it (eg. Northern Names: Uki, Polar, North, Alaska…). From your suggestions, the top two themes will be put to a vote on the BC SPCA Facebook page on July 10. The winner would be announced Monday via email and Facebook, along with the list of winning names.

Interested in adopting a pup?

These puppies are located at the Lower Mainland branch and are expected to be ready to adopt in the next 8 weeks, with the BC SPCA accepting local applications when they are old enough.



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