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Guilt-Free "You Time" With Your Pooch

Spend Your Treats: Citrus Hair Salon


If you're anything like us, you hate activities that your dogs can't be included in, especially if it's not a necessity... like getting your nails done or going to the salon! Well, don't worry - we got you! Pampering yourself is one thing you can cross off your guilt list, because we came across a PET-FRIENDLY Salon... Citrus Hair Salon!

Now, some may say, well I already take my dog with me to get my hair done! But does your salon have the same commitment to the environment, and sustainability as Citrus? And you may not even have thought about the exposure to chemicals that your furry friend may endure, but the fact that Citrus minimizes the use of chemicals at their salon makes to PawSwap approved!

At Citrus Hair Salon they do whatever they can to use the most natural, non toxic products, recycle everything they can, and reduce waste. Citrus carries the most natural, safest, non toxic hair care products available from sustainable, environmentally-conscious companies.They have ammonia free hair colour, including the most non-toxic permanent hair colour line found worldwide: Organic Colour Systems, which is ammonia free, PPD-reduced, vegetable based, recorcinol free and is 98.68% natural. They believe that beauty doesn’t have to hurt the environment or our health (including your pup).

We are giving two paws up to this green approach in an industry that traditionally can be wasteful and toxic. A few other things Citrus Salon does it help the environment are...

  • They are a Green Circle Salons member, which means they recycle  colour tubes, hair foils, light bulbs,  paper, plastic, tin, metals, electronics, batteries, and more! Green Circle also helps to safely dispose of chemical waste so that it doesn’t go down the drain.

  • They save and donate all the hair, which is used for oil spill cleanups.

  • They use energy-efficient lighting and energy-efficient, Energy-Star rated washer and dryer.

  • They use biodegradable, non toxic, natural cleaning products to keep the salon environment clean and white.

  • They reuse gloves and colour caps instead of throwing them away after each use.

  • All of the stylist stations and coffee tables are built with reclaimed wood and much of the other furnishings–styling chairs, mirrors, front desk, filing cabinets, counters– have been bought second hand and refurbished.

  • And the walls are painted with low VOC paint.


So Treat yourself using your Treats from PawSwap! Open the PawSwap app and check out our Rewards tab for a special discount at Citrus Hair Salon.

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