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Firefighters save unconscious puppy from burning South Vancouver home

The male black Labrador was given oxygen and treated for a leg burn at the scene.

Twitter: Van Fire Fighters

Vancouver firefighters have been praised for saving a puppy’s life after it was found unconscious in a blazing home.

The black Labrador pup called Jack was found unconscious by fire crews in the hallway of a basement suite at 60th and Ross in South Vancouver over the weekend and had to be carried outside to be administered first aid.

A video tweeted by the Vancouver Fire Fighters account showed two firefighters treating the 7-month-old male lab - who lay unconscious but breathing - with oxygen by applying a pet-friendly mask over the dog’s snout.

The crew swiftly take off their own protective gear as they start supplying oxygen to Jack, with one firefighter heard calling for cool water to be brought over to be doused on the lab to reduce his temperature.

Throughout the video, the concerned firefighters give reassuring strokes to the struggling lab as they treat him.

Vancouver Fire Chief Karen Fry said he was also treated for a leg burn at the scene, adding that she was “so proud of their actions and care for this pup”.

The crew later tweeted that Jack had been taken to a local vets office where they had checked on him several times and that he was doing well.

Owner Baljinder Johal launched a GoFundMe campaign yesterday, August 5, to raise funds for his puppy's care, saying that Jack had suffered damage to his eyes from the fire as well as smoke inhalation and remained in veterinary care.


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