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Donation pleas for puppy who suffered broken jaw in Vancouver Island dog attack

The 7-month-old pup’s recovery is expected to take three to four more weeks after serious attack by larger dog.

Photo: BC SPCA

The BCSPCA are asking for donations towards the care of a puppy who suffered a broken jaw in a serious dog attack on Vancouver Island.

Daryl, a 7-month-old Shih Tzu-English Springer Spaniel cross, was attacked by a larger dog and surrendered by his owners to the BCSPCA in Campbell River for urgent surgery.

Stephanie Arkwright, Manager of the BC SPCA in Campbell River, said: “Daryl’s broken jaw required plating, which cost $1,650. His recovery is expected to take at least three or four more weeks.”

Stephanie says that despite the trauma Daryl has been through, he is still a “happy-go-lucky pup who loves everyone he meets”.

“Daryl still loves other dogs, he gets along with cats and children. He hasn’t let this incident slow him down – he is a wonderful little dog and will be an amazing candidate for adoption once healed.”

Photo: BC SPCA

PetSecure pet health insurance has contributed $2,000 towards the little pup’s care, with the BCSPCA calling on its supporters to add to the donation pot so Daryl can continue his recovery.

More than $15,000 has been raised so far through the charity’s medical emergency appeal page. To donate, click here.

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